MARK-TO-MARKET: Bitcoin: Market thrust re-ignites discuss on legitimacy

Mark Grywacheski spent some-more than 14 years as a veteran merchant in Chicago, where he served on several committees for mixed tellurian financial exchanges and as an attention Arbitrator for some-more than a decade. He is an consultant in financial markets and mercantile research and is an investment confidant with Quad-Cities Investment Group, Davenport.

Disclaimer: Opinions voiced herein are theme to change though notice. Any prices or quotations contained herein are demonstrative usually and do not consecrate an offer to buy or sell any bonds during any given price. Information has been performed from sources deliberate reliable, though we do not pledge that a element presented is accurate or that it provides a finish outline of a securities, markets or developments mentioned. Quad-Cities Investment Group LLC is a purebred investment confidant with a U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

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