Microsoft Build Clashes With Google I/O

The particular Microsoft and Google Developer conferences are a year’s highlights for many – and many of us have allegiances to both. This year a dates of a dual events coincide. Was it counsel and if so who will it benefit?

We’ve know a date for Google I/O given Jan 24th after it was suggested around an online puzzle:


Last week Microsoft announced a date for build:



Oops!  On May 8th and 9th we can’t be in dual places during once!

I don’t consider possibly Microsoft or Google are going to anxious by a strife as both of them wish a limelight to themselves. Microsoft competence seem to have a slight advantage being initial by one day – though it can’t fit all a product announcements into Day 1 and there are mixed areas, AI being one, where both companies will be creation headlines. 

It’s not only Google and Microsoft that are going to influenced – and let’s face it both will still be sell outs – it’s a whole industry. Lots of other companies set out their stalls (both physically and metaphorically) during these events – and many of them will find it tough to order bid over both. 

As good as being a quandary for many developers it is an even bigger  headache for technical journalists. Imagine a scene: 

“Cortana retard out May 7 – 9 in my diary and find out a options for flights to Seattle.”

“I can’t do that Dave. You are due to be in Mountain View on May 8 and I’ve already done bookings.for hotels and organised meetings for you. Do we wish me to cancel and start over?


It’s not most reduction of a problem for we Programmer. We’ll be flooded with distant some-more news than we have space for in a singular week. Perhaps we can book my outing to a remote dried island (requirement no Internet) before anyone else realizes a implications.

And maybe in destiny Cortana and a Google Assistant could assistance devise a dates.

“Cortana book a date for Build and liaise with Google Assistant to make certain that it doesn’t strife with I/O.”

“I can’t do that Dave, Google Assistant isn’t articulate to me…”





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