Microsoft’s subsequent large eventuality is function during a same time as Google’s …

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Microsoft CEO Satya

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  • Microsoft will reason a Build discussion in Seattle
    from May 7th to 9th.
  • Build is Microsoft’s biggest developer eventuality of the
  • Google is holding a I/O discussion a same week —
    from May 8th to May 10th.
  • These events are requisitioned weeks or months in allege so
    there’s no approach to tell who had it first.

Microsoft announced this week that Build, a biggest developer
eventuality of a year, will be
hold in Seattle from May 7th – May 9th

The problem: Those dates go right adult opposite a Google I/O conference, which
will be hold right nearby a Googleplex in Mountain View,
California from May 8th to May 10th. 

Both of these events are really large deals, generally for software

Microsoft uses Build to preview what’s subsequent for a product
lines, generally a Windows handling complement and a Azure
cloud computing platform. Highlights from final year’s event
enclosed a
new pattern sensibility for Windows 10
news that Apple would move iTunes to a Windows Store

(which has nonetheless to indeed happen).

Google’s is mostly focused on a Android operating
system. At
final year’s Google I/O
, a hunt hulk announced a new
camera record called Google Lens, and combined some-more smarts to
a Google Home speaker.

Unlike Microsoft, Google focuses a I/O discussion on consumer
tech — it binds a apart eventuality called Google Cloud Next, for
a cloud and craving businesses. This year, Google Cloud Next
will be hold in San Francisco in July.

Regardless, a dual conferences are going to be competing both
for attendees and mass marketplace attention: There are a lot of
developers with investments in both Microsoft and Google

Still, this strife of tech titans was substantially unintentional.
These events get requisitioned months or even years in advance, and
there’s no approach to tell that distant out if you’re going to have a
dispute of this magnitude. 

And it could always be worse. Microsoft hold Build in San
Francisco for many years, before relocating it closer to its
Washington State home in 2017. If Microsoft had stayed the
course, a whole San Francisco Bay Area would have been overrun
with developers and execs from two mega
companies, not only one.

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