Modder Creates Fire-Breathing Nintendo 64

After saying good success with mini retro consoles a NES Classic and SNES Classic, many insincere a Nintendo 64 Classic had to be next. Nintendo’s initial truly polygonal appurtenance delivered bedrock texts for gaming in a third dimension like Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The N64 might have fewer games than a predecessor, though a good games are truly spectacular.

However, for whatever reason an N64 classical never came. Maybe it would’ve cost too much. Maybe Nintendo cares some-more about a Switch. Maybe a controllers are only too weird. Maybe they couldn’t get a essential Rare games from Microsoft. But instead of wailing a smaller N64 than might never come, applaud this fire-breathing N64 that’s here right now.

Created by modder BitHead1000, and reported by Kotaku, a Heavy Metal Nintendo 64 is a radical reinterpretation of a console that spits abandon along with personification cartridges. The reproduction box (complete with spinning 3D “N” logo) is done of out steel instead of cosmetic to keep a whole thing from melting. Inside you’ll find dual gas valves and lighter liquid tubes.

This isn’t an emulator box of anything, only a bombard for a strange N64. So we can block in your aged controllers and cartridges only fine. The demo uses latest Super Smash Bros. newcomers Banjo-Kazooie. But now when collecting jiggies a console is passively on glow with a dual front torches. Pressing a new red symbol also spits dual jets of abandon into a atmosphere like an bootleg sorcery show. So metal.

For reduction prohibited stories on a Nintendo 64 here are a best N64 games and check out this N64 box that works as a Nintendo Switch dock.

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