Montgomery Blair Teacher Latest Entrant in District 16 Delegate Contest

Samir Paul joins dual other contenders for open chair as Frick runs for county executive

Samir Paul

Samir Paul


Samir Paul, who teaches in a countywide math “magnet” module formed during Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, on Tuesday announced his candidacy for a state House of Delegates in Bethesda-based District 16.

Decrying what he termed “systematic and vital disinvestment from open institutions”—particularly in preparation and mass transit—at a state and sovereign level, Paul assimilated 4 other possibilities already opposed for 3 slots in subsequent June’s Democratic primary.

Incumbents Ariana Kelly and Marc Korman are seeking re-election. Paul, profession Sara Love and county romantic Jordan Cooper—who unsuccessfully sought a nominee assignment in 2014—are holding aim during a chair now hold by Del. Bill Frick, who is using for county executive.  

With reduction than 5 months until a Feb. 27 filing deadline, it stays capricious if a stream margin of District 16 possibilities will grow further. Several other Democrats have not ruled out fasten a contest, though a final margin competence be smaller than in new elections.

In 2010, 11 non-incumbent possibilities went after a singular open nominee chair in District 16.

In 2014, a half-dozen challengers targeted what were primarily dual open seats. That year, Frick deserted a run for state profession ubiquitous and opted instead to find re-election, withdrawal usually one open seat.

Privately, internal celebration insiders advise that, for 2018, possibilities who competence differently have run in District 16 have incited their courtesy elsewhere. There are 3 openings for at-large seats on a Montgomery County Council, as good as a chair now hold by term-limited District 1 Councilmember Roger Berliner, who is using for county executive.

But these sources also contend that some intensity nominee possibilities are hesitating for fear that, like 4 years ago, Frick competence desert his candidacy for county executive and find to retrieve his stream chair in a House of Delegates.

Frick, now a state House infancy leader, on Monday seemed to resolutely order out such an choice in 2018.

“There is no unfolding underneath that we would lapse to a House,” he pronounced in a phone interview. “I consider it’s time for some new folks to get a chance. We have a lot of talent in a district.”

Frick declared: “I’m using for executive. we like a chances. we like a message.”

Paul, a Bethesda proprietor who grew adult in Potomac, was once a tyro in Blair’s math magnet program. After earning an undergraduate grade during Harvard University and operative during IBM, he returned to a Silver Spring propagandize to learn mechanism scholarship classes in both a math magnet module and among a broader tyro population.

Paul, 28, was one of dual educators famous by Montgomery County Public Schools as a “rising star clergyman of a year” in 2016.

“I feel preparation is a many absolute apparatus we have to slingshot people into a center class, though we see open schools as usually one critical partial of an ecosystem communities can use to enhance mercantile event some-more and some-more broadly,” Paul pronounced in an interview. “There have been studies that contend that, even some-more than open education, movement is one of a strongest predictors of mercantile mobility.”

Paul’s relatives emigrated from India to a United States 3 decades ago. His father was an engineer. His mother, who had worked as a medicine in India, owned and operated dual coffee shops in a Washington area before returning to propagandize to acquire a master’s grade in open health and work for a sovereign government.

“In one generation, my relatives immigrated to a United States, warranted modernized degrees, built a business, served their country, and sent their dual children to Harvard and Yale,” Paul pronounced in a press recover announcing his candidacy. “Montgomery County’s glorious open schools and open institutions done my story possible, and we have to quarrel to safeguard a subsequent era can share that experience.”  

While Paul’s domestic knowledge is limited—he spent several months as a margin staffer in Wisconsin for a 2012 Obama presidential campaign—he is expected to pull on a committed organisation of former students and their relatives in building a debate infrastructure.

Paul has been lifting income with a idea of carrying around $100,000 by a time possibilities for state bureau contingency divulge their debate finances in mid-January 2018.

The cost of nominee elections in District 16 has usually escalated. In capturing a chair for a initial time in 2014, Korman spent a small some-more than $200,000, with about two-thirds of that from contributions and a rest from his possess pocket. The runner-up in a 2014 Democratic primary, Hrant Jamgochian, spent about $220,000, with a infancy of that entrance from personal assets. Members of a House of Delegates will acquire an annual income of $50,330 in 2018.

Jamgochian, who also ran unsuccessfully in 2010, has been silent on a probable third try in subsequent year’s primary. “I have not done any decisions nonetheless about either we will run … again,” Jamgochian, who heads a health caring advocacy group, wrote in an email.

Another intensity District 16 contender with a health caring background, profession Mindy Kursban of Bethesda, pronounced Monday she is “considering using since we feel a voice of business in a Democratic Party is not represented in a Maryland Legislature.”

Kursban is clamp boss and corporate warn of a Silver Spring-based home health caring organisation her mom founded scarcely 50 years ago.

“While wanting to pierce a clever business viewpoint to a competition and to assistance a Democratic Party in Maryland to stop being seen as a anti-business party, we strongly trust in a core Democratic Party values—including equivalence and equal event for everyone, safeguarding a environment, and gun control …,” she wrote in an email.

Although Kursban wrote “I trust we would be a usually womanlike Democratic claimant in Montgomery County with a clever business background,” sources pronounced Bethesda-based genuine estate representative Bonnie Casper is also deliberation a run in District 16.

Casper, a one-time congressional aide, is evident past boss of a Maryland Association of Realtors. Her husband, profession Mark Winston, was a claimant in a District 16 Democratic primary in 2010.

Also in a probable claimant brew is Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) member Wendy Cohen, clamp boss of a Bethesda-based medical association. Cohen served as secretary of a MCDCC from 2014 until progressing this year.

The participation of Love—and, possibly, Kursban, Casper or Cohen—in a stirring primary could mystify a domestic calculus for Kelly, now boss of Women Legislators of Maryland, a 60-member women’s congress of a General Assembly.

When initial inaugurated to a House of Delegates in 2010, Kelly was seen as carrying benefited from being a usually lady claimant among scarcely a dozen non-incumbents in that contest.

In a eight-way 2014 race, Kelly was a usually rival womanlike contender; a other lady in a race, Karen Kuker-Kihl, ran a low-profile debate before dropping out for health reasons.

Paul also is seeking to strech out to women in a primary—touting support from several obvious womanlike Democratic activists in a district. Among them: Diana Conway of Potomac, a past boss of a Montgomery Countryside Alliance; Susan Esserman of Bethesda, an profession who was a tip general trade central in a Clinton administration; and Lucy Freeman, prolonged an change in Chevy Chase’s Somerset community.

Kelly in late Aug assimilated Korman—who severely deliberate a run for County Council before announcing his bid for re-election progressing this year—and state Sen. Susan Lee to form an obligatory line-up in District 16, permitting them to pool income to share debate costs.

They opted not to entice a non-incumbent claimant to join a slate, nonetheless such a pierce has not been ruled out, sources said. If it happens, it would not expected start until after a Feb. 27 filing deadline.

No Republican contenders have emerged so distant in District 16, where purebred Democrats outnumber their GOP counterparts by a ratio of improved than 3 to 1.

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