Most People Aren’t Interested in Buying Apple’s HomePod

Apple’s HomePod is still months away, though during slightest for now, a intelligent home orator isn’t appealing to a infancy of impending customers.

In a survey of some-more than 2,200 adults progressing this month, Morning Consult found that 55% of respondents aren’t meddlesome in shopping Apple’s HomePod.

However, younger adults between a ages of 18 and 29 seem to have some-more interest, with 43% of them observant they don’t wish a HomePod. Even stream Apple device owners aren’t so certain about HomePod: 45% contend they’re not interested.

Separately, Morning Consult asked respondents that intelligent home inclination competence fit their lifestyles. Amazon’s Echo took a tip mark after 17% of adults pronounced they’d cite that device in a home. Another 12% of respondents trust a low-cost Echo Dot, an Amazon Echo choice but a built-in speaker, would fit good in their homes. Apple’s HomePod and Alphabet’s (googl) Google Home, another intelligent home hub, any captivated 11% of respondents.

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Amazon’s (amzn) Echo is many renouned among those between a ages of 30 and 44, with 21% of people within that organisation observant a device would fit good into their lifestyle.

The Morning Consult consult was conducted only days after Apple denounced a HomePod during a Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. The device has a tiny cylindrical pattern and a high-powered speaker. In further to song playback, a HomePod runs Apple’s (aapl) practical personal partner Siri, permitting users to emanate voice commands to control intelligent home inclination like lightbulbs and thermostats.

Apple has attempted to compute a HomePod from Amazon Echo and others by observant a device will broach reward sound—a underline a iPhone builder argues a foe doesn’t offer.

However, some attention watchers have questioned either Apple’s HomePod is overpriced. The device will cost $350 when it’s expelled in December, creation it distant some-more costly than a $180 Amazon Echo—the device Morning Consult’s check suggests business want.

The Morning Consult check didn’t plead how business felt about a HomePod’s price. And it’s value observant that Apple still have 6 months to go before it releases a HomePod. It’s probable it can attract some-more business to a device between now and then.

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