Motorola unveils new 360-degree camera Moto Mod

Motorola has announced a new Moto Mod that allows users to simply supplement a 360 grade camera to their Moto Z, Z Play or Z2 Play by a company’s modular box system, as suggested by Evan Blass on Twitter.

The new box was showcased during a press eventuality in Ghana, according to a report from TechDroider, nonetheless it doesn’t seem that any serve sum of things like specifications, price, or recover date have been announced yet. That said, we do know that a camera connection only out off a tip of a cosmetic behind image that attaches to Moto Z array inclination like other Moto Mods, and facilities lenses on both sides to constraint 360 grade images of a surroundings.

Motorola’s new camera also brings to mind Essential’s arriving 360-degree camera, that attaches to a Essential Phone by a modular complement that will expected be one of a biggest competitors to Motorola’s Mod complement on a phone’s recover in a subsequent few weeks.

For now, it’s misleading either or not Motorola even skeleton to recover a 360 Mod outward of Ghana, though it’s tough to suppose it will stay disdainful to only one nation for prolonged — generally given a Moto Z2 Play only strike Verizon stores in a US.

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