Navigation-optimized Google Assistant rolling out in Google Maps …

Back during I/O 2018, Google announced that Assistant was entrance to Google Maps. Specifically, a visually compress and reduction disruptive chronicle would seem when removing directions. This navigation-optimized Google Assistant is now rolling out in Google Maps for Android.

Google Assistant in Google Maps was billed as “having a reduce visible profile” to safeguard that users are focussed on driving. You can contend a “Ok Google” hotword or daub a multi-colored microphone in a top-right dilemma to activate it.

This will slip adult a compress bar that covers a quarrel observant your attainment time and stretch estimate, as good as other navigation controls. During illumination hours, a Google Assistant idol and animation is displayed opposite a white backdrop, while a quarrel conforms to navigation’s common night mode with a dim background.

Commands will run in a background, and keep users in Google Maps. One user on Reddit remarkable how phone calls now only trigger though a dialer opening. Users can also emanate commands like texting, personification music, and some-more from Assistant though carrying to leave navigation mode.

Google Assistant Maps navigation Google Assistant Maps navigation Google Assistant Maps navigation

At I/O, Google remarkable that this navigation-optimized Assistant was rolling out this summer. It’s misleading when a underline accurately launched, though is now rolling out to a stream fast chronicle (10.4.1) of Google Maps for Android and a Google app.

This underline comes amid a slew of other Google Assistant launches final week. Pretty Please, also announced in May, rolled out, along with Broadcast Replies and notes/list app integration.

Meanwhile, Google Maps recently added business messaging and a ability to follow stores for updates. Other new facilities embody a Commute tab with song playback controls.

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