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Over a past several weeks, there have been reports of a Pixel 2 XL, and to a obtuse grade a smaller model, encountering assuage to serious opening issues. For some, nonetheless not all users, this includes complement loiter from animations to opening apps, essentially a camera. Google is now questioning a emanate in light of new reports, nonetheless particularly a majority of owners are giveaway of these problems.

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Android Police owner Artem Russakovskii raised a issue last month, with Marques Brownlee also highlighting some of his possess problems in a video. These issues tumble on a spectrum with a YouTuber encountering a teenager various in comparison to a former’s travails.

Since then, there have been reports on Reddit and Twitter about issues that concentration on animation loiter and app performance. The many prominent, and understandably frustrating, deals with a camera. As Artem captures in one video, a Pixel 2 XL takes approximately 10 seconds to open Google Camera regulating a energy symbol double-tap gesture. Within that wait period, a phone is solidified with hold and appropriate gestures not working.

Once a camera is loaded, switching to video takes another few seconds, with a ensuing recordings carrying a “choppy” peculiarity to them, according to one user.

This function is positively unsuitable as it though a doubt will means users to skip essential moments on a device touted for a camera prowess. This view is echoed by many impacted owners who keep regulating a phone regardless for a glorious camera. However, they have to make accommodations like opening a camera forward of time before any approaching use to make certain a eventuality is not lost.

Next adult are issues around navigation, from dropdown menus opening solemnly to apps likewise holding a few seconds to open or respond to gestures. MKBHD in his video demonstrates a animation loiter in comparison to other Android flagships, like a OnePlus 6. The differences in animation speeds are clearly manifest to a exposed eye in a approach comparison.

The issues for Artem (and presumably the countless people he has retweeted lately) were benefaction on Android Oreo, as good as via a P Developer Preview and eventually a final recover of Pie. A handful of reports note that a Pixel 2 is confronting identical issues, nonetheless errors seem to preference a Pixel 2 XL.

In response, Google progressing this week specifically investigated Artem’s phone by examining it and collecting information for analysis. Presumably, they are also inspecting a incomparable representation size, with some users removing deputy RMA phones that repair a problem for a moment. Google has nonetheless to fact their findings.

Meanwhile, we listened from an unknown tipster recently that Google identified 3 probable issues with a Pixel 2 XL. One involves hardware and so requires a replacement, while a dual are presumably addressable with software.

While there are many reports of users confronting slowdowns, there are a similar number that have not encountered these problems. Speaking personally, my possess Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are lag-free, with a group during 9to5Google encountering identical results.

What about you? What have your practice been with a Pixel 2 XL as it ages? Let us know below.

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