NES Classic’s Ebay Price Triples, Surprising No One

Yesterday, Nintendo announced they were discontinuing prolongation of a NES Classic within North America. With direct high, we was extraordinary to see how things were personification out on eBay. Turns out, it’s a lot like when Michael Jackson died.


Slightly confused by Nintendo’s business decision, we took a demeanour during how a NES Classic’s value shifted among collectors and resellers in greeting to a news. This meant digging by eBay. My initial seductiveness wasn’t in a altogether cost increase. we wanted to see a many absurd auctions. Plenty of people are fervent to possess an NES Classic. That meant opportunists were certain to brush in and angle for a few suckers peaceful to blow infinite sums on a hyped-up emulator.

I wasn’t disappointed:

Holy crap, demeanour during that! Now, these aren’t indispensably “real” postings. They’re mostly there to seize on hysteria, exam a waters, and see if Daddy Morebucks decides he unequivocally needs a new console. With a tiny some-more digging, it incited out that a top cost for that a section indeed sole was closer to $400. People were peaceful to compensate as most for a NES Classic as a Nintendo Switch.


To get a improved clarity of a data, we incited to JJ Hendricks over during PriceCharting, a website that scrapes eBay and tracks historical prices. Data on new sales showed that listings for a NES Classic averaged during $143.73 in March. For April, a normal is $352.20.

It starts to paint a picture, despite one that falls within a approaching range. When supply goes down and direct stays a same, a cost will increase. Plenty of people wish an NES Classic, quite now that they have a combined allure of exclusivity, that can send direct higher. People wish things when there’s reduction things to share? People compensate more. we vaguely remember all of this from high school.

But information charted over a march of a month usually paints a ubiquitous thought of what competence be happening. It usually confirms a approaching formula of tying supply. The improved doubt is gauging how resellers reacted over a final few days. JJ sat down to break those numbers for me from a tiny representation pool:

With some-more specific data, we can indeed form a narrative. A day before a announcement, NES Classics were offered for an normal of $106. That’s alright deliberation a sell cost was $59.99 and direct was already high. In fact, that cost that was solemnly dwindling as a holiday deteriorate changed resolutely into a back perspective mirror. That cost stays a same on a following morning before somewhat increasing. Then a discontinuation news breaks.



You’d consider that this is a impulse where prices take a jump. we unequivocally approaching that to be a case, though a information shows that a proclamation had some-more of a sputter effect. The normal cost indeed complacent during $220 by a finish of a day. When a news hits, people scooped adult a reduce listings that were done before a announcement. As a direct becomes clearer, prices leapt.

That move us to today. The normal this afternoon rests during $335. It’s about 52% boost from a prior day and a 219% boost from where prices were on Wednesday. That value increases usually somewhat if you’re purchasing a mutated console with some-more games. we looked during a normal of any modded console we could find a inventory for. Ignoring that offered unapproved copies of games is a defilement of eBay’s terms of use and also illegal, a normal cost on listings was $345.50. Some listings are unequivocally low, some are unequivocally high, though they cancel any other out and frequency augmenting a cost altogether compared to a vanilla console.

It turns out, Hendricks says, that a settlement of a information is identical to another case: a boost of sales cost for Sega Genesis cult classical Moonwalker after Michael Jackson’s genocide in 2009. There’s a minute breakdown during PriceCharting, though a light boost in cost is a common theme. Prices usually augmenting somewhat on a day of Jackson’s genocide before augmenting by 497.40% a day after. It’s a bit some-more extreme than a NES Classic’s rise, though they share a same “delayed ripple” effect.

Moonwalker prices lowered over a subsequent few days. Instead of a a high cost of $131, it staid during a tiny over $60. There’s going to be direct for a NES Classic for a while and prices will vacillate adult and down. If Nintendo doesn’t deliver a surrogate product, we competence see an even bigger boost come Christmas. If we still feel you’ve positively got to have one and we skip out on a final conveyance this month, a best march of movement competence indeed be to bide your time like a super-villain and wait for a right impulse to strike.

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