New Apple headphones judgment imagines HomePod-inspired …

Curved is out currently with a uninformed demeanour during what Apple’s purported high-end, over-ear headphones could demeanour like. With a complicated sip of HomePod inspiration, touchscreen controls, wireless charging, and more, this judgment by Martin Hajek goes all out.


The judgment we saw for Apple’s rumored over-ear headphones last month was a bit clunky and looked like re-branded Beats headphones. However, Curved’s vision (translated) offers a sleeker, HomePod cultured with a notation prolonged video.

The new judgment offers a demeanour during a headphones in both a space gray and white, only like HomePod. The outward of a ear cups facilities a same fabric as HomePod and even includes a touchscreen like HomePod on both sides, with this judgment regulating one side for a HomePod Siri waveform and one for a classical 6 tone Apple logo.

While some gestures would be easy to exercise like skipping tracks, play/pause and more, volume would be a bit trickier on a touchscreen for headphones compared to how HomePod creates use of a + and – symbols.

Another pointy hold to a judgment is a wireless horse to simply extract adult these reward headphones. With a wireless choice to assign AirPods entrance during some indicate with Apple’s AirPower accessory, it would be good to see a same with a over-ear headphones.

If and when Apple ends adult shipping a over-ear headphones, they will expected embody most reduction tech than this. However, it’s fun to suppose where Apple accessories could someday go.

Check out a video and gallery below.

What do we consider of this concept? Do we like a thought of heavily HomePod desirous headphones? Share your thoughts and musings in a comments below!

Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP2 Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP11 Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP20 Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP21 Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP22 Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP23 Hajek-Apple-Headphone-HP24

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