New, Colorful UX Rolling Out For Google Assistant Voices

It seems like Google is rolling out new, colorful UX for Assistant Voices. Google has rolled out six new voices to Google Assistant after this year’s Google I/O, behind in May, and a UX was not accurately a prettiest out there, so a change was expected. Well, Droid Life managed to get a hands on a preview of a new UX for Google Voices, and it looks a lot improved than a stream one, that’s for sure.

Google still did not recover an central acknowledgment or announcement, though a source says that this new voice picker UX has already started rolling out, yesterday, to be exact. Do keep in mind that it is rolling out to US users, and it will not turn accessible to each singular one of we true away, this rollout is staged, as expected. The source says that a new UX is filled with “randomly comparison colors”, though a voice of your selecting will be automatically mapped to a color, a impulse we name it. If you’d like to check out either this new tone picker is accessible for your device this really moment, conduct over to Google Assistant’s Explore screen, afterwards strike ‘Settings’. After that, name ‘Preferences’, and ‘Assistant Voice’. You should be saying a same thing that is shown in a provided, if not, your device has not been updated with such functionality only yet, and you’ll have to wait.

It is still different when will Google start rolling out this new UX to consumers outward of a US, though we’re supposed it will occur in a nearby future, as shortly as a association is assured that there are no poignant bugs to fix. You can always try joining your phone to a internet around a VPN app, name a US as your nation of choice, and see what happens, we might even get a refurbish forward of time if we don’t live in a US.

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