New HomePod, ‘AirPods 2,’ genocide of 3D Touch all approaching in 2019


New reports from a Chinese supply sequence advise that Apple will move a new HomePod to a marketplace in 2019 alongside an AirPods modernise —and that a 2018 iPhone lineup will be a final to incorporate 3D Touch.

Barclays analysts recently toured China final week, assembly with suppliers to Apple. According to a investigate note, seen by AppleInsider, a new “AirPods 2” will launch in time for a 2019 holiday sales season. This is discordant to other reports that have suggested that there will be an early calendar year 2019 recover of an updated product.

Also during some point, Apple is likely to recover a reduction costly HomePod in 2019, dictated to interest to a wider apportionment of a market. This is also not a new rumor, with progressing iterations of it claiming that it would occur before a finish of 2018 given of ostensible muted sales during a existent $349 price.

More controversially, it is “widely understood” by a supply sequence that a iPhone lineup in a tumble of 2019 will miss 3D Touch. Barclays records that a skeleton are not finalized, so a underline competence appear, and it competence not. It isn’t transparent because a destiny iPhone would miss a feature, given that it works excellent on a iPhone X.

All of Barclay’s predictions are evidently drawn from a supply sequence —which has not been a good predictor of Apple’s product plans. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook has cautioned about regulating supply sequence as a source of data.

“The supply sequence is really complex, and we apparently have mixed sources for things,” Cook pronounced originally in 2013, and has steady since. “Yields competence vary, retailer opening competence vary.”

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