New Pedestrian Safety Crosswalk System Activated In Bethesda – Bethesda

BETHESDA, MD — Montgomery County officials denounced a new pedestrian-activated crosswalk complement Monday in an outcome to revoke critical and lethal walking collisions.

The High-Intensity Activated crosswalk beacon, or HAWK guide for short, is located during a Bethesda Trolley Trail channel during Tuckerman Lane — the site of a lethal Jul walking crash.

“This represents a latest miracle in a efforts to boost a walkability of a communities,” pronounced Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich. “Our residents have a right to protected crossings as they pierce around a neighborhood, emporium and run errands.”

As a fourth trade vigilance of a kind in a county, a HAWK guide tells pedestrians when a protected to cranky a travel — which, in turn, tells motorists and bicyclists when to yield.

The initial one was commissioned in 2010 on Gude Drive in Rockville.

The mid-block channel complement is activated once someone pushes a button.

First, a HAWK guide will arrangement flashing yellow lights — alerting approaching trade of a walking — before branch plain yellow. The beyond lights afterwards spin red, signaling that a walking is in a crosswalk. During this time, motorists are compulsory to stop and wait for a walking to cross.

The crosswalk complement is partial of a county’s Vision Zero plan — that aims to revoke serious and lethal collisions for drivers and their passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists by 2030.

In 2019, there have been 11 deaths and some-more than 570 incidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists on Montgomery County roads, according to supervision officials.

“As partial of a ongoing bid to urge walking safety, we are committed to posterior many forms of treatments that are applicable to specific highway crossings,” pronounced Montgomery County Department of Transportation Director Chris Conklin. “We have certainty in a efficacy of a HAWK beacons and will continue to inspect areas opposite a County where they will boost protected crossings as partial of a County’s Vision Zero strategy.”

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