New video answers critical question: will a Samsung Galaxy S8 fry?

You might have lived so distant while meditative that a many critical doubt one could ask about a smartphone was “Will it blend?”. But apparently we were wrong. “Will it fry?” is most some-more applicable we’re told – during slightest in Scotland.

So what are some forward chaps from Glasgow to do then? Naturally, cloak a Galaxy S8 in authentic Scottish chip emporium beat mix, and afterwards place it into an electric fryer (with oil preheated to 200 degrees Celsius). The phone was left in there for a sum of 60 seconds, and we can see what came out in a video below, that papers a whole ordeal.

Perhaps surprisingly, a Galaxy S8 still works after being subjected to such a treatment. It’s not all perfect, yet – a solitary area of a phone that wasn’t lonesome in beat (because it’s a partial The Fryer was holding with his glove) has a bullion gleam when a shade is off and a yellow expel when it’s on. Additionally, a fingerprint sensor is flattering most toast.

Otherwise, though, things aren’t bad – a device even rang only a few seconds after entrance out of a fryer. So if we suspicion we saw it all when it comes to smartphone woe tests, well, consider again.

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