Nintendo has no skeleton to make a Nintendo 64 mini, exec says

  • With a large success of a adorably tiny NES Classic Edition and Super NES Classic Edition consoles, it was widely approaching that a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition was subsequent in line.
  • Nintendo even copyright images that demeanour an awful lot like a imagery used for a NES and Super NES Classic Edition consoles.
  • But Nintendo of America boss Doug Bowser threw cold H2O on a thought in a new interview. “With some of a classical consoles that we launched a few years ago, they’re now accessible on Nintendo Switch Online, and this is where a concentration will be,” he said.
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Sorry, Nintendo 64 fans: It looks like a tiny chronicle of Nintendo’s iconic mid-’90s console might never come to pass.

That’s according to a boss of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser. “Our concentration right now is positively on a dedicated platforms such as Nintendo Switch Lite and a flagship Nintendo Switch,” Bowser told The Verge in an talk this week. “I consider with a gameplay practice we saw with some of a classical consoles that we launched a few years ago, they’re now accessible on Nintendo Switch Online, and this is where a concentration will be.”

That’s a flattering large warn given a strenuous success of Nintendo’s dual tiny “Classic Edition” consoles — a NES Classic Edition and a Super NES Classic Edition.

Both consoles re-create a demeanour of a strange diversion consoles, despite in a smaller size, and container in a garland of classical games.

The NES Classic Edition (left) and Super NES Classic Edition (right).

More than only a judicious conclusion, a thought of a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition initial popped adult in heading filings from Nintendo itself. 

In a filing, a particular picture is shown:

Look familiar? That’s given it’s an illustrated outline of a Nintendo 64 gamepad.

The heading image isn’t only important given it’s a outline of a Nintendo 64 gamepad — it’s important given it’s a same outline of a gamepad that appears on a sell branding of Nintendo’s other “Classic Edition” consoles. 

For example:


That conformation of a NES Classic Edition gamepad on a tip of a box? It’s matching to another heading filing picture from Nintendo:


This close-up unequivocally highlights how identical a picture is:


Nintendo filed a same heading heading in Europe for a Super Nintendo Entertainment System gamepad silhouette, and that same conformation appears on tip of a Super NES Classic Edition box.

Thus, a judicious end was that Nintendo was operative on a miniaturized Nintendo 64. But it’s been utterly some time given that heading popped up, and Nintendo has nonetheless to announce a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. 

Late final year, former Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé threw cold H2O on a possibility.

“That’s not in a formulation horizon,” he told Kotaku in an talk during a time. Notably, he couched his response with a preface, “I would not ever order something out.” 

Still, Fils-Aimé pronounced that such a console is doubtful — a magnitude of Nintendo’s business calculations around a “Classic Edition” line. “For us, these were singular time opportunities that were a approach for us as a business to overpass from a end of Wii U as a hardware complement to a launch of Nintendo Switch. That was a really vital reason we launched a NES Classic system,” Fils-Aimé said. 

Nintendo’s Wii U was a biggest hardware disaster in Nintendo’s history, with a solitary difference of a Virtual Boy.

More clearly: The NES and Super NES Classic Edition consoles were combined to keep income entrance in while Nintendo transitioned from a Wii U (which bombed) to a Switch (which is a resounding success). And now that’s Nintendo’s doing good again, a need for some-more Classic Edition consoles might no longer exist.

It’s a vital bummer of an reason that clearly ignores a large consumer seductiveness in Nintendo’s classical games library, though it’s a judicious preference for a association that’s regained a foothold in a ever-finicky video diversion hardware business. 

Regardless, if we were holding your whisper for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, it might be time to exhale.

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