Nintendo Ships 1.7 Million SNES Classic Mini Consoles as of …

1.7 million SNES Classic Mini consoles have been shipped as of Sep 30, Nintendo has announced.

According to Wall Street Journal contributor Takashi Mochizuki, a Japanese gaming behemoth reliable this during a many new gain briefing.

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The NES classis mini inheritor was launched in North America and Europe on Sep 29 after being announced behind in Jun of this year.

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The golden age of 16-bit gaming returns

Yoshi, Samus and a Star Fox organisation are watchful for we to come and play.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System has a strange demeanour and feel of a ‘90s home console, usually smaller. Plus, this one comes entirely installed with 21 games!

The ‘90s called – they wish their controllers back

Two connected retro Super NES controllers are enclosed for multiplayer gaming right out of a box.

Get your hands on some of a best two-player games of a era, including Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country.

The console comes with 21 built-in games, including Zelda: A Link to a Past, Contra III, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, and Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting.

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