Nintendo Sold 2.3 Million NES Classic Edition Before Pulling a Plug

The final total of NES Classics that were shipped has been revealed, interjection to an talk with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amie: 2.3 million. That’s utterly a lot of units for something that was radically ostensible to be a fun small holiday present for sentimental Nintendo fans. 

“We had creatively designed for this to be a product for final holiday,” Fils-Aime told Time. “We only didn’t expect how implausible a response would be. Once we saw that response, we combined shipments and extended a product for as prolonged as we could to accommodate some-more of that consumer demand.”

Fils-Amie didn’t criticism serve on a logic for a blocking though did spirit that a resources being used to emanate a NES Classic could be going somewhere else – like a reported SNES Classic, for example. Even so, fans are still shopping NES Classcs from scalpers on eBay, where prices are currently sitting between $200 and $350 – between a 400 and 700 percent markup from a plaque price. 

“Even with that unusual turn of performance, we know that people are undone about not being means to find a system, and for that, we unequivocally do apologize. But from a perspective, it’s critical to commend where a destiny is and a pivotal areas that we need to drive. We’ve got a lot going on right now and we don’t have total resources.”

Nintendo’s been doing utterly good for themselves recently, as they news that a Nintendo Switch is a fastest offered console in Nintendo’s history. If a gait of Switch sales keeps up, it’s set to even outstrip a Wii, Nintendo’s final pound strike console, and should simply zephyr past a Wii U’s final sales tally.

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