Nintendo Switch Specs & Features Detailed In Full: UK Pre-Order NOW Open

UPDATE: You Can Now Pre-Order The Nintendo Switch

Best Place To Pre-Order Nintendo Switch?

I’m in a UK, so we pre-ordered my Nintendo Switch from Game Seek. It cost me £198.50, that is flattering good for a code new console.

GAME and Tesco are also regulating pre-orders a Nintendo Switch, that we can check out below:

If you’re outward a UK, we can pre-order your Nintendo Switch during a accumulation of places. But a best we have found in a US is GameStop, that has TONS of options that includes diversion bundles, controller bundles and more.

Prices start during $299.99 during GameStop and go adult to over $600 for a some-more endless Nintendo Switch packages.


The Nintendo Switch is on a way. It’s entrance in March, and we improved trust this thing will be a best console Nintendo has ever produced. Just a sniff of a few of a facilities onboard shows a few pivotal things; Nintendo has schooled from some of a mistakes of a past console generations and doesn’t uncover any signs of repeating them, it has schooled how and since Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation outmaneuvered it.

Nintendo has also embraced mobile gaming and this looks set to be a core aspect of a Switch, indeed, Nintendo appears to be pulling a pouch as distant as unstable gaming and streaming calm is endangered with a ground-up unstable build in mind for a console. Nintendo also knows a aim demographic inside out, while it will positively compensate some lip-service to a family and amicable gaming niche it forged out with a Wii, it knows that a abounding trove of birthright titles is what unequivocally binds interest, including a likes of Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon. Nintendo has also clearly celebrated a augmenting recognition of e-Sport competetive gaming.

The complement itself, formed on what we schooled from a initial central outing, is formed around gaming on a move.

The categorical complement connects to a wharf that is bending adult to your HDTV, this is for TV-based, lounge gaming, but, if we wish to diversion on a move, all we have to do is detach this section and take it with we and we can play games around a 6in arrangement and detachable controllers.

I unequivocally like this concept, as it combines flattering most all of Nintendo’s past releases into one, strong system. You have Wii U-like gaming on a move; Nintendo Wii controller systems, and a robust, dedicated console smoke-stack for your HDTV.

Nintendo Switch Specs: Detailed In Full

We’ve famous how a Nintendo Switch functioned and what it looks like for a good prolonged while now. But until final night, specific sum about specs, hardware and program capabilities were still rather mysterious, as Nintendo remained tight-lipped about what finished a Nintendo Switch tick.

Still No Details On Nintendo Switch CPU…

Well, a poser is over. We now know utterly a bit some-more about a Nintendo Switch’s specs and hardware, though, for whatever reason, Nintendo refused to fact a accurate SoC used inside a machine. EuroGamer, however, believes it is a Tegra X1 – NVIDIA’s 20nm Cortex-A57 CPU + Maxwell GPU SoC from a NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

Nintendo Switch Display Technology CONFIRMED

As formerly reported, a Nintendo Switch – a handheld device aspect – features a 1280x720p capacitive hold shade LCD. This is sincerely low fortitude in a universe dominated by QHD phones and tablets, yet given that Nintendo is going for opening and longevity with a Switch, a use of 1080p is to be expected.

Battery life and CPU potency expected trumped a advantages of regulating a QHD panel. But, hey, during slightest that gives Nintendo an easy refurbish for a console in 2018, right?

Nintendo Switch Specs – What Nintendo Revealed

Nintendo reliable a Nintendo Switch would underline 32GB of inner storage. It also reliable that this storage can be supplemented regulating outmost cards (microSDXC cards), identical to a current-generation Nintendo 3DS.

With battery life, Nintendo says a Nintendo Switch will broach between 2.5 and 6.5 hours on a singular charge, depending on a game. The arriving Zelda game, for example, will apparently kill a Switch inside 3 hours.

Unlike ALL prior Nintendo releases, a Switch will NOT use exclusive charging methods; instead, it will change around USB Type C, only like a lot of complicated Android phones. In addition, since of this it will be probable to use USB-powerbanks with a system, definition we can lengthen a battery life on prolonged transport gaming sessions.

Nintendo Switch Companion Dock

The messenger wharf for a Switch, a middle by that it connects to your HDTV, is a reticent device, definition it is invalid but a Switch docked inside it.

This messenger section will also underline USB Type C, 3 USB ports, HDMI out and an AC Adapter, that a complement will boat with as standard.

Nintendo Switch Controllers: The Joy-Cons

This is where things get a small some-more interesting, as there’s a lot some-more to Nintendo’s new controllers than we formerly thought. First and foremost, there are dual aspects to it – the left Joy-Con and a right Joy-Con.

“The right Joy-Con contains an NFC reader/writer for use with Nintendo’s Amiibo figures, and what Nintendo is job a “IR suit camera,” An IR camera would indicate that it’s a same simple functionality as a Wii Remote, that used an IR camera to asian itself relations to a IR LEDs in a console’s sensor bar, however Nintendo also fast demonstrated that a Joy-Con could magnitude stretch and suit from a tellurian palm confronting a camera, something a Wii Remote could not do,” reports AnandTech.

The Switch Joy-Con controllers will also underline what Nintendo is called “HD Rumble”, that radically means high fidelity, ultra-responsive controller rumble when gaming. Given a petite distance of a controllers, this will expected be achieved around multiple, linear actuators for quivering ( a la Apple’s Taptic Engine).

New controllers aren’t cheap, possibly – you’re looking during $80 for a new one.

Nintendo Switch Game Prices

Nintendo has finished divided with region-locking for a games. The association also reliable that titles would sell for $60 – $20 some-more than 3DS titles and a same cost as Wii U games.

You can now pre-order a Nintendo Switch forward of a Mar recover date. 

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