Nintendo Switch, Year Two: 5 ways it’s set to jump forward

The Nintendo Switch was a best tool of 2017. That’s my opinion, though we brave we to remonstrate with me. What started as another peculiar Nintendo newness gaming pattern has incited into a exile pound success. The complement has sole over 14.8 million units worldwide, some-more than a Wii U ever sold. Some of a best of games of 2017 — particularly Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild — were Switch exclusives, and a console’s diversion library has continued to supplement a prolonged list of third-party favorites, reversing a large debility of new Nintendo consoles.

So, a year after vehement fans lined adult to buy a Switch on day one, what’s next? Actually, there’s a lot that can still occur for a second act with a same hardware.


What can be a subsequent chronicle of these?

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Add some-more modular accessories

The many shining thought of a Switch is that it’s a modular tablet: between a side-rail connectors for Joy-Con controllers and a USB-C pier on a bottom, all sorts of expansions are theoretically possible. A Wall Street Journal report seems to endorse Nintendo’s peripheral-based strategy, that creates a lot of clarity — because ascent a inscription partial right now? The USB-C pier works for a enclosed wharf and video out, though it could concede other connectors and accessories, too: USB-C is really versatile.

The rails that a Joy-Cons slip into are used for controllers now, though they could clearly accommodate other ideas. Nintendo hasn’t non-stop adult third-party entrance to those connectors, though Nintendo has hinted before to new ways to play in a destiny going behind to final year, when Nintendo spoke to CNET before a Switch launch. I’d like to see a some-more modernized and better-fitting dock, opposite sizes of controls, and maybe a chronicle with full-analog triggers.


Crazy uncanny Nintendo is back.

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More crazy things like Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is one of those “new play” ideas, and it totally sidesteps any plug-in hardware. we attempted playing with a kit, that is shining — it’s like programmable papercraft with a tied-in video game, and it utilizes a sensor and button-studded wireless Joy-Con controllers to energy all sorts of other ideas.


Nintendo’s finished a crafty thing with Labo: it’s shown that a enclosed hardware is already some-more versatile than it seems on a surface. Labo hits stores in April, and I’m anticipating Nintendo will follow adult in a second half of a year with something equally and splendidly weird and creative.

Improving a online experience

Will Nintendo’s subscription use ascent a online knowledge that’s on a Switch now? A series of Switch games are online-friendly, and Nintendo even has a (not great) phone app to bond to online diversion discuss in titles like Splatoon 2. But a fuller subscription use is slated for after this year. It’ll no longer be giveaway to play online. Hopefully, however, a online knowledge will be improved in sell for a yearly charge. There’s a lot of room for improvement.



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More old-school retro games

Nintendo’s affordable retro-game plug-and-play console, a NES Classic and SNES Classic, are still flattering tough to find. But we can’t play any of those NES or SNES retro games on a Switch. Not yet, during least. Nintendo’s kept a behind catalog of practical console and retro games mostly off a Switch so far, though a launch of a company’s subscription online service in Sep promises entrance to a titles that Nintendo 3DS, Wii and Wii U owners take for granted. Needless to say,  it’ll be frustrating profitable for a strange Super Mario Bros. for a fifth time, though fans will adore personification classical games on a go on this modular system.

There’s also all a Wii U games, developed for rerelease: a Wii U was a complement few even got a possibility to play. It worked for Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2. There’s a lot some-more where that came from: Super Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros., Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendoland.


Expect a lot some-more indie games, fast.

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A inundate of indie 

The Switch has turn one of a best pipelines to try indie games over a past year. I’d even contend that a indie games have turn my favorite things on a system. Ports of renouned Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and mobile games like Rocket League, Thumper, Stardew Valley, Overcooked and Celeste are now starting to arrive as coexisting Switch launches. The games can mostly cost some-more on Switch, though take adult reduction space to download and are ideal for discerning play. Now that a Switch has sole so many systems, it’s no longer a risk for indie developers to devise for Switch releases during all.

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