No, that Android P describe isn’t meant to resemble a Pixel 3, though it competence anyway

Google I/O is past us and a subsequent large Google eventuality is a hardware uncover presumably entrance this October, so a internet is only itching for a good Google Pixel 3 leak. So of march it has taken a describe that Google intentionally and intentionally enclosed in a Android P Developer Preview 2 to be a “leak” of a company’s stirring flagship smartphone…

Ready to try a Pixelbook?

Anyone who follows Google in a smallest knows that’s roughly positively not a box here. Google was good wakeful of what it was shipping with a second developer preview. This was positively not an accident; it’s not a same as cases (as mostly happens in a APK Insight series, for instance) where Google has slipped adult and enclosed renders underneath a surface.

To be clear, a describe appears in a Settings app for Android’s new gesture-based navigation, and many have been wakeful of it given the really hour that Google forsaken a preview on I/O day. The fact that this story is creation a rounds on a tech blogs dual weeks after I/O is as stupid as a fact that it’s creation a rounds during all.

Google’s goal here was many substantially to embody a general pattern that gets a thought opposite for any phone that users competence be enabling a gestures on. This developer preview, and therefore this gesticulate setting, is now accessible on the Sony Xperia XZ2, Essential Phone, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, and a OnePlus 6.

(Although, it would make some-more clarity for Google to include a large nick on a top if it wanted to paint a many normal Android phone in 2018, though we digress.)

Yes, there is some dominance for Google including these kinds of renders in apps and software. Last year with a recover of a Data Transfer Tool, everybody jumped to a end that a small-bezel phone describe shown in that app represented a Pixel 2 XL. But that was a month before a announcement, and Google was discerning to lift it when it realized.

So is this a “leak” of a Pixel 3 design? If it is a trickle of a Pixel 3 pattern some-more than 6 months before a betray (it’s not), it’s possibly a many doubtful trip adult in Google program recover story or a dictatorial goblin that we’ll demeanour behind on one day with lustful memories. No, we consider a answer is some-more simple: It’s a general GIF that a leaks site posted dual weeks after it was publicly-visible, and one that a rest of a web is only mindlessly blogging about for pageviews.

All of that said, a probability that a describe really good competence resemble the Pixel 3 by happenstance can’t be thrown out, obviously. Just about each phone we can buy is a block steel or potion chunk not distant off from a one in a render, and a rising attention trend is toward this bezel-less or near-bezel-less front design.

That’s substantially what desirous a general demeanour of this GIF, though it’s also probable that a Pixel 3 will demeanour only as general as each other smartphone we can buy in 2018.

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