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Should we buy it? Yes

The Nokia 6 sole in additional of 10 million units globally, creation it one of a best phones in this difficulty final year. The Nokia 6.1 builds on that substructure with a most some-more means chipset, softened battery life, discerning charging, and USB-C connectivity.

Sure, a Nokia 6.1 is blank out in a few areas — it’s still regulating a 16:9 display, and a camera could be improved during low-light conditions. But it excels during a basics, and a durable pattern should make it withstand a occasional decrease though any issues.

The Nokia 6.1 delivers in a areas that matter, creation it a good bill choice for 2018.

The Nokia 6.1 isn’t a usually Android One device in this category, as a Mi A1 also costs around a same. The A1 doesn’t have a same hardware bravery as a Nokia 6.1, though it has an corner when it comes to a camera side of things.

Earlier this year, we pronounced that a Redmi Note 5 Pro has a intensity to be a best bill phone in India. However, Xiaomi unfit a launch, and 3 months after a release, we still can’t get a phone though going by a lot of hoops.

Thankfully, a Nokia 6.1 doesn’t have any such issues. The phone is adult for sale on Amazon India, as good as thousands of sell stores opposite a country.

Best of all, a Nokia 6.1 is also adult for sale in a U.S. for $269. The phone is accessible unbarred from, and you’ll be means to use it on GSM carriers like ATT and T-Mobile. For underneath $300, a usually other device that comes tighten to a Nokia 6.1 is a Moto X4, that is accessible for around a $280 figure right now.

The downside with a Moto X4 is that Motorola isn’t as discerning as it used to be during rolling out program updates, and a phone is doubtful to accept height updates over Android P. The Nokia 6.1, meanwhile, will get dual height updates and 3 years’ value of confidence updates, creation it future-proof.

A good bill phone needs to do 3 things: offer a lag-free knowledge in day-to-day usage, a stout chassis, and timely updates. The Nokia 6.1 delivers in all 3 categories.

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