Nokia 6.1 (6 2018) Camera review. Camera comparison vs Nokia 6

In this article, we will examination Nokia 6.1 (6 2018) back camera and will also examination a back camera opposite a Nokia 8 camera to consider what improvements a Nokia 6 2018 has over a Nokia 6 camera. If we wish to check, here are a discerning camera specs/features for Nokia 8 Sirocco/7 Plus Cameras.

  • Primary camera 16MP PDAF, 1.0um, f/2, dual-tone flash, ZEISS optics

The usually change from a Nokia 6 2017 Rear camera is that it has Zeiss optics and due to Zeiss optics it gets a Pro Camera UI too. Rear camera comes with automobile concentration and haa a F/2 aperture. The F/2 orifice should be means to yield good low-light opening theoretically. Nokia 6  2018 also has a Dual-Tone peep that should yield adequate enlightenment and keep low-light captures natural.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 Daylight Imaging comparison:

In stand comparison set next Nokia 6.1 stand is on a tip followed by Nokia 6 stand during a bottom. Click here for a full-size images if we wish to examination yourself.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 low-light without Flash:

Nokia 6.1 picture is on a left, Nokia 6 picture on a right.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 low-light with flash:

In stand comparison sets next Nokia 6.1 stand is on a left followed by Nokia 6 stand on a right. Click here for a full-size images if we wish to examination yourself.

Nokia 6.1 vs Nokia 6 video recording stabilisation test:

The video available with Nokia 6 2018 looks some-more fast and with softened resolved sum than a one prisoner with a strange Nokia 6.

Comparison Conclusion:

Nokia 6 2017 already got an softened camera app with a Oreo refurbish that brought low-light imaging improvements. Now, Nokia 6 2018 comes with a Pro Camera mode that allows one to play with settings like shiver speed detached from ISO and other. But here we have compared both cameras in a automobile modes.

What we found is likeness between algorithms of Nokia 6 2018 and Nokia 6 camera apps. So, even with Zeiss optics Nokia 6 2018 has really slight corner over Nokia 6 in illumination conditions when it comes to capturing details. In low-light, a cameras are really identical be it with or but flash.

But when it comes to video recording there is outrageous disproportion in peculiarity of stabilization and Nokia 6 2018 wins hands down. Quality correct too Nokia 6 2018 video looks softened with some-more sum and contrast.

Nokia 6.1 camera review:

Time to now examination the Nokia 6.1 camera and speak about facilities that make a camera shine.

Nokia 6.1 camera samples:

Here are some Nokia 6.1 Sirocco illumination and low-light camera samples.

Macro Live Bokeh capture:

Now entrance to what else Nokia 6.1 can do impressively, we can constraint good Bokeh images but with a back camera. Provided next are instance of Bokeh capture.

Nokia 6.1 engaging new Camera features:

  • Pro Camera mode empowers we to control a Camera and do some-more than only indicate and shoot.
  • 4K Video recording OZO Audio capture. 4K video recording and OZO Audio constraint were taken on Nokia 6 2017
  • Live streaming on YouTube/Facebook. This is nonetheless another neat underline of Nokia 6.1 Camera that we would adore to use if we are in covering events or wish to share a good looking stage in high peculiarity with your friends and family quickly.

Final Words:

Nokia 6 already had a good camera and Nokia 6 2018 camera only creates it a estimable ascent with somewhat softened imaging quality, Pro Camera mode, most softened video stabilization and OZO Audio capture. If we wish we can now constraint videos in 4K too.

Nokia 6 2018 camera captures good volume of resolved sum and keeps colors healthy only like a prototype and gripping with a trend seen in other Nokia smartphone cameras. So, we positively suggest Nokia 6 2018 as a estimable ascent over Nokia 6 when it comes to a back camera too.

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