Nokia 6.1 aka Nokia 6 2018 Reboot Issues Fixed With New Software Update to Fix

Recently, a users of Nokia 6.1 highlighted a critical emanate that has persisted for over a month and tormented a inclination of many. It was reported by thousands of Nokia 6.1 users that given a May confidence update, handsets gifted pointless reboots or what can be termed as crashes on their Android One smartphones.

It was serve reported by many users that these reboots competence have something to do with a plcae services and 4G connectivity. However, nothing of a tricks of a users totally eradicated a problem, withdrawal a manufacturers to come adult with a solution.

Nokia 6.1: Reboot Issues Fixed With Software Update

It contingency be kept in mind that globally, a famed HMD Global has an picture of a code that righteously and severely takes a feedback of a consumers about a issues they face and fixes a program in due course. The association has also been some-more than active about promulgation confidence updates to all users. The new efforts have once again proven to be loyal as a association has taken a vital step towards regulating a above-mentioned problem that worried in a Nokia 6.1 a few months back.

Now, HMD has introduced a new refurbish that is reliable to repair a reboot issue. Nokia 6.1 is now regulating a v2.22 refurbish that is around 77MB in distance and is enclosed in a confidence patch of Jun 2018. This updated Android 8.0 Oreo has now battery-saving navigation buttons and a revamped energy menu. The refurbish also brings in Bluetooth battery commission and a new menu environment as well.

All these updates have cumulatively helped in totally eradicating a reboot issue. With this update, we can spin to capacitate LTE and GPS services on and a phone will go on for hours but rebooting. Under a same conditions, a Nokia 6.1 would have finished adult rebooting between 4 to 5 times any hour before to a regulating of a problem.

Nokia 6.1: Specifications, Features

The neat and stylish Nokia 6.1 more ordinarily famous as a Nokia 6 (2018) now comes with a vast 5.5-inch IPS LCD shade display, along with a 1080p resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio. The smartphone is also using a latest Android 8.1 Oreo OS refurbish and a chipset using in a smartphone is a Snapdragon 630.

This chipset is interconnected with 4GB RAM and has an inner storage space of 64GB that is expandable adult to 128GB in box of need by a means of a microSD card. These inner specifications assistance a phone in behaving during a best during a pretty high speed underneath roughly all a conditions. Nokia 6.1 can also assistance we constraint near-perfect images with a primary 16MP and delegate 8MP cameras.

The impressively designed smartphone can also yield an ‘all day’ battery life interjection to a 3000mAh capacity. If we use a high amperage charger, we will be means to assign a battery of a smartphone during a quicker pace. Overall, a Nokia 6.1 is a reasonable phone that contains all a facilities and is also simply affordable for a majority of buyers. If we wish to know a pricing sum of a Nokia 6.1, or Nokia 6 (2018), those sum are given below.

Nokia 6.1: Price in India

You can get your hands on a Nokia 6.1 during a best possible price of Rs. 17599 in India. There are several retailers charity a smartphone during a above-mentioned cost tag. If we wish to squeeze a phone by Amazon India, do note that it will cost we a bit higher, during Rs. 18575.

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