Nokia 6.1 review: a required evolution

Love during initial sight

Anyone who says physique isn’t a initial thing they notice is lying. This doesn’t meant it’s important, that many is clear, though initial impressions contend a lot. When we initial saw a Nokia 6.1, it was sparkling. It’s not a many pleasing thing I’ve ever seen, though it did my locate my courtesy for a newness and elegance.

Its potion and aluminum support differs from a latest trends. And I’ll be honest with you, this component unequivocally won me over. I’m not a fan of glossy bodies that collect fingerprints all a time. There’s also a skinny copper line that runs by a physique of a device to turn off a magnificence and minimalism. And it doesn’t stop there. The copper also surrounds a camera, a fingerprint sensor and a buttons, that gives a device a opposite and really personal touch.

AndroidPIT nokia 6.1 6320
The stylish copper support on a Nokia 6.1. / © AndroidPIT

On a front there are no traces of a now select notch. Thank you, Nokia! The pattern is some-more exemplary with far-reaching edges on a tip and bottom, and utterly skinny edges on a sides. On a back, as on final year’s Nokia 6, a camera and peep are placed plumb on a core of a tip of a device. The fingerprint sensor is immediately next that (too low to be absolutely placed) is incorporated into this year’s version. This arrangement puts a Nokia trademark right in a center of a smartphone. The preference to place a sensor during a back has not, however, reduced a bezels of a device. The camera hardly sticks out, that is also a trend lately.

The headphone jack is on a top. Thanks again, Nokia! These jacks are in risk of going into annihilation on new devices. On a right side there’s a classical volume control and energy buttons, while on a left there’s a SIM label cell with twin slots inside: one for a SIM label and another for a microSD, or alternatively, another SIM (Nano-SIM, twin stand-by).

AndroidPIT nokia 6.1 6334
Fingerprint sensor, camera and a Nokia and Android One logos. / © AndroidPIT

The Nokia 6.1 is a bit strong during 172 grams. It’s not really complicated in your hands, though it’s organisation and unchanging interjection to a really thick aluminum that characterizes a Finnish brand. In my opinion, a support is too wide, generally if we don’t have generally vast hands.

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