Nokia 6.1 review: Misses a pretence or two

Shaurya Shubham

After a brief interregnum from a market, HMD Global final year bought a Nokia inclination into a tab with a launch of a slew of smartphones. While many did accept a certain response, it was a Nokia 6 that was deliberate a best-performing smartphone of a lot. When Nokia launched a successor, Nokia 6.1 a integrate of months back, there was firm to be oddity as will it be means to live adult to a predecessor’s billing. The bill smartphone difficulty is one of a tightly-contested and Nokia unequivocally needs a leader to make a mark. While Nokia 6.1 retains a core of Nokia 6 in pattern it gets chamfered edges and a copper cloaking around a corners, camera and a fingerprint scanner.


The Nokia 6.1 takes a lot of a pattern component from a predecessor. It’s an all-metal good built smartphone nonetheless a a altogether footprint of a smartphone is shorter compared to a strange Nokia 6.

The phone is gentle to reason and can be used with one hand. The front of a smartphone is dominated by a 5.5-inch 16:9 full HD display. Above a display, there’s an earpiece followed by an 8MP front camera and Nokia logo.

The behind of a phone has a 16MP camera with Zeiss badging and a twin tinge LED flash. Below a camera, there’s a fingerprint scanner along with a Nokia and Android one logo.

The left side of a phone has a hybrid SIM slot, a right side has a volume buttons and a energy button, that work only positively fine. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack during a tip and a Type-C USB port, Speakers and microphone during a bottom. Overall, a Nokia 6.1’s pattern doesn’t unequivocally take off though one can’t have too many complaints with it either.


At a time, when everybody and their cat is going for 18:9 aspect arrangement ratio, it does come as a warn to see HMD Global not following fit with Nokia 6.1. Having pronounced that, a arrangement of Nokia does a pretty good job. The arrangement is splendid adequate to be seen in a splendid object and a colours and superfluity of a arrangement are decent deliberation a cost of a phone and we don’t have any complaints per that.


Last year’s Nokia 6 with Snapdragon 430 SoC felt a small underpowered to us and it’s a good news that Nokia chooses to supply a most able Snapdragon 630 SoC with a time speed of 2.2 GHz time that gave a 60% of a opening boost over a predecessor. The UI felt poignant and there was no loiter or jitter in a altogether performance, a apps non-stop quick and multitasking was quick as well, interjection to a 4GB of RAM that powers a smartphone. As we all know it’s not a flagship phone a games took a small longer to open and for complicated games such as PUBG, we had to tinge down a graphics to make a games playable. Still, we cruise Nokia 6.1 as a clever performer. The call peculiarity of a phone is unequivocally good and we did not notice any emanate with a phone, a callers sound was amply loud, transparent and frail as good as no one censure on a other finish of a line.

Here is some benchmark to showcase a comparison between a rivals.


The Nokia 6.1 facilities a 16MP f2.0 back camera that is a same procedure from a final year though now it uses a Zeiss optics and an 8MP f2.0 front camera sensor. Nokia has packaged a garland of engaging underline in a camera such as bothie, primer mode, HDR, 4K video recording, bokeh outcome from a front camera and scenery mode. The UI of a camera is elementary and easy to use. Opening and clicking a design from a camera app is utterly rapid and there is no shiver loiter while holding pictures.

However, there is a totally opposite story when it comes to a design quality. The back camera takes surprisingly good images in well-lit conditions and a HDR facilities also did a good pursuit in handling a shadows though creation it demeanour unnatural. Despite being f/2.0 orifice a camera struggles a lot in capturing good sum and colours ensuing in softer looking grainy photos, even after cranking adult a full ISO a camera did not perform good and a images were frequency usable.

While holding selfies we beheld that in a well-lit condition a images incited out to be a small burnt lacking in a energetic operation of a sensor. However, a sharpness and sum were good. In low light condition, a camera again tends to furnish sub-par picture peculiarity with lots of grains in a image. Nokia has also implemented a non-AI formed bokeh mode in it that does a pretty good pursuit in detecting a edges around a face.

In a opinion during this cost point, there are many other smartphones that offer most softened picture peculiarity from both front and a back camera and Nokia 6.1 will find it tough to keep adult with a competition.

The video peculiarity of a phone is utterly good and it can fire 4K video during 30fps, a large burst in a fortitude from a final years 1080p recording. But due to a miss of Optical and Electronic Stabilization, a camera footage looks really shaky.

For camera images and video samples click


The smartphone is corroborated by a 3000mAh battery that does a pursuit pretty well. If a phone lasts for a full day in assuage to complicated usages afterwards it’s protected to classify a battery opening as acceptable. The phone also supports quick charging and ships with a quick horse out of a box that allows we assign a device from 0 to 100% in 90 mins.


Overall, Nokia 6.1 offers poignant improvements over a prototype in terms of performance, softened camera capabilities, quick charging support and Android One creates a things even softened with it guaranteed program updates.

However, HMD Global competence have missed a pretence or dual a Nokia 6.1 as there are a few things that should have done this phone even better. To start with, a arrangement peculiarity could have been softened as could have been a camera performance.

The 3GB various of Nokia 6.1 was launched for Rs 16,999 and 4GB various was labelled during Rs 18,999. The 3GB Variant has perceived a poignant cost cut and retailing during Rs. 16,180 on Amazon while a cost of 4GB various stays a same.

At this cost point, a foe is extreme since we can get the
Redmi Note 5 Pro with 6GB RAM that is labelled during Rs.16,999 and there is a 4GB various that is labelled during Rs 14,999. Not to forget there are other alternatives like Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 that is even cheaper than a Redmi Note 5 Pro. Nokia 6.1 is a clear ascent though only on Nokia 6 as when compared to competition, it’s tough to find an area where it stands out.

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