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As someone who spends a lot of time with smartphones, we mostly get asked, “Hey Ron, what Android phone should we buy?” The high-end answer is customarily easy: buy a Pixel phone. But not everybody is peaceful to bombard out $650+ for a smartphone, generally a forms of infrequent users that ask for advice. Beyond a flagship smartphones, things get some-more formidable within a Android ecosystem. Motorola underneath Google used to be good during building a non-flagship phone, yet given a association was sole to Lenovo (which gutted a refurbish program), it has been tough to find a decent phone that isn’t super expensive.

Enter HMD’s Nokia phones, an whole lineup of inexpensive smartphones trimming from $100 to $400. HMD recently launched a second era of a lineup, with phones like a Nokia 2.1, 3.1, and 5.1. We recently spent time with a top finish phone in this array that happens to be one of a few HMD inclination for sale in a US: a Nokia 6.1. And for $269, we get a flattering spectacular-sounding package of a Snapdragon 630, a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, batch Android 8.1, quick updates, and a steel body.

The tumble of Nokia and a arise of HMD

Since this is a initial HMD-made Nokia phone we’ve reviewed, it’s substantially good to dive into a story of HMD first. Believe it or not, this association was specifically created to be “The home of Nokia phones.”

Once on a time in a post-iPhone world, Nokia hired a Microsoft executive to be a new CEO of a company. Nokia became an disdainful Windows Phone manufacturer. Many bad Microsoft-centric business decisions were done by Nokia’s Microsoft executive. Eventually Nokia’s value fell low adequate that Microsoft finished adult shopping Nokia’s phone division.

Thus, Nokia became a telecommunications association that didn’t make telephones, Microsoft got a phone manufacturer and a 10-year permit to use a Nokia brand, and a Microsoft executive got to go behind home to Microsoft.

In-house Microsoft phones weren’t eventually adequate to save Windows Phone, and when a height died, a finish of Nokia phones seemed imminent. With Nokia phones in trouble, a puzzling association called “HMD Global” appeared. Along with Foxconn auxiliary FIH Mobile, HMD shortly started shopping adult what was left of a aged Nokia assets. Eventually, branding, software, patents, licenses, and 4,500 employees were divvied adult between a dual companies. HMD became a tellurian licensee of a Nokia code for phones, and it had an agreement to do production during FIH Mobile’s newly fortified facilities.

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