Nokia 6.2 Review: Finicky Cameras Can’t Sink This $249 Phone

My dog has an Instagram account. It’s managed by my partner and yours truly, and while it doesn’t have millions of supporters (you’re acquire to follow it!), we try to tell a print any day. One day it’s my spin to hunt by my camera hurl for derpy shots of my 16-pound pup, and on a next, it’s hers. But we have a confession: I’ve usually posted once given a center of November. That’s when we started regulating a Nokia 6.2.

They contend a best camera is a one we have with you, yet when a camera is delayed and a formula are mostly blurry, afterwards a aged proverb doesn’t utterly ring true. My partner has picked adult a tardy as I’ve solemnly mislaid seductiveness in capturing moments of my life (er, dog) these past few weeks, not given a triple-camera complement on this phone is unconditionally bad, yet given it requires a small too much work for my liking.

If we don’t wish to crazily request each day of your dog’s life, don’t caring about gnawing a ideal selfie, tend to use a mirrorless camera, or are ceaselessly repelled during a prices of smartphones—then a $249 Nokia 6.2 is another sign of usually how good inexpensive phones have become.

Covering a Basics

Modern Nokia phones run Android and aren’t indeed finished by Nokia anymore. A Finnish company, HMD Global, licenses a brand. HMD is comprised of ex-Nokia employees, yet it has finished a name for itself creation well-built bill phones given a pregnancy in 2016. The association has nonetheless to make a phone that can live adult to a mythological camera value in Nokia predecessors, yet a latest stairs adult in other ways.

The Nokia 6.2 (succeeding final year’s Nokia 6.1) looks zero like a price, with a steel and polymer support that feels sturdy. Like many phones these days, it’s wrapped in potion so you’ll wish a box to keep it from shattering, yet in a past month of use it has usually racked adult one blemish on a back. That’s zero like my knowledge with Samsung’s $1,000 Note 10 Plus, that was lonesome with nicks after a few weeks.

The downside is there’s no water-resistance rating, so keep it divided from a shower. Anything in this cost operation will need some insurance from liquids; even a latest Moto G-series phones are usually water-repellent, not waterproof.

There are advantages of going cheap, though. You indeed get a headphone jack so we can block in corded headphones instead of relying on Bluetooth if that’s your thing, and an easy-to-access normal fingerprint sensor sits on a back. There’s even an LED on a energy symbol that lights adult when we have notifications watchful to be read—handy when a phone is opposite a room and set to silent. And if we occur to fill adult a enclosed 64 GB of storage, there’s room for enlargement by a MicroSD label slot. A lot of high-end phones don’t have these luxuries.

Turn on a shade and a 6.3-inch LCD slims out a bezels around it, creation a phone demeanour complicated (and utterly like Motorola’s $300 Moto G7, right down to a small drop during a tip for a selfie camera). The shade is sharp, colorful, and it gets splendid adequate that we haven’t had to flicker examination episodes of The Crown when outward walking a dog.

It does all this though ever creation me feel like we need to lift a battery pack. The 3,500 mAh battery ability mostly left me with around 40 percent by 7 pm, yet use a phone a small harder and you’ll need to recharge it during bedtime around a USB-C cable.

My biggest worry was how good a phone would run. Along with photography, opening is mostly a concede when we drop subsequent $300. It was generally worrisome given a Nokia 6.2 uses a same Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor (with 4 GB of RAM) as a Sony’s Xperia 10 Plus, a phone WIRED reviews editor Jeffrey Van Camp suspicion was utterly laggy.

Thankfully, we don’t have many to worry about. Outside of a occasional stutter, that happened privately when we was perplexing to juggle by mixed apps quickly, we had no difficulty using a common line-up of tasks that we do on each phone. Don’t design a phone to run graphically complete mobile games like Fortnite or PUBG during a tip settings with a smoothest gameplay, yet it’s positively probable to play them.

Robust Support

This softened opening is due to a phone’s software. Most of HMD’s Nokia phones are a partial of a Android One program, that means a phone-maker has finished an agreement with Google to boat a purest form of Android with no bloatware. Only Google apps are pre-installed, and a module is leaner, requiring fewer complement resources than if HMD smattered a possess interface on tip (like Samsung’s interface on a Galaxy phones).

There’s also a guarantee to emanate chronicle upgrades and monthly confidence updates for dual years, that is something we will not get from many flagship Android phones that cost several hundred dollars more.

It’s what mostly leads me to suggest Nokia phones over Motorola’s G-range, that are also really good. Motorola issues usually one module refurbish for a phones and not many in a form of confidence updates. Software support should extend a lifespan of a phone, given it means you’ll get some-more facilities in time and it will be some-more secure. At a moment, a Nokia 6.2 is still on Android 9 Pie, yet it’s slated to get Android 10 in a initial few months of 2020 and will get Android 11 after it’s launched subsequent year.

Outside of Google’s Pixel 3A, that costs $150 some-more and is finished by Google, you’ll be hard-pressed to find module support like this in a US for a phone in this cost range.

A Camera That Needs Patience

The Nokia 6.2 checks off a lot of boxes, yet a flaws mostly boil down to a cameras—a thesis with many bill phones. On a back, there’s a 16-megapixel categorical lens interconnected with an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens. A 5-megapixel abyss sensor is also employed for improved abyss in mural mode. As we can see below, we can snap some good shots, yet we haven’t shown we all a unsuccessful attempts. Behind many of these images are three to 4 others that were blurry.

Because a shiver is so slow, we need to stay really still when holding a print and stay in position a second or dual after you’ve tapped a shiver icon. I’ve found a shiver keeps rolling sometimes, and obscure your palm too shortly could meant you’ve taken a print of a belligerent instead. If we consistently have a calm to sojourn still, we can get photos value sharing. we clearly don’t—the explanation is in my dog’s Instagram.

Money Saver

Nokia’s phone won’t wow you, yet it’ll get a pursuit finished while saving we some cash. You’ll be happier to get new Android facilities in a prolonged term, that can’t be pronounced if we went for a Moto G7, that has a identical if not somewhat some-more arguable camera yet singular module support.

The phone’s biggest foe right now is from Google. The Pixel 3A is our favorite phone of 2019 given it brings Google’s class-leading camera down to an affordable price, and it’s infrequently ignored to $300. Usually, it’s a lot pricier than a Nokia 6.2, yet if you’re like me and we wish to indicate a camera during a dog and get a good print in one attempt, we should positively save adult for it instead.

You can buy a Nokia 6.2 unlocked. It works on ATT, T-Mobile, and smaller wireless networks like Cricket and Mint that use their networks.

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