Nokia 6 2018 got “Double daub to lock” underline after Oreo update

The second era Nokia 6 aka Nokia 6 2018 is now disdainful to China marketplace with approaching enlargement to other markets commencing after the MWC 2018 event. Nokia 6 2018 is a critical ascent over Nokia 6 with upgraded Snapdragon 630 processor, Quick-charge, OZO Audio, Dual-Sight and final though not a slightest a new less-bezel design.

In a good news, Nokia 6 2018 has recently combined a new underline with a Android Oreo refurbish that was accessible on Nokia Lumia phones. We are articulate about “Double daub to lock” underline that allows one to double daub on a standing or navigation bar to close a screen.

One needs to go to Settings–System–Gestures and capacitate this option. This choice is accessible on Nokia 6 2018 usually after a Oreo update.

Nokia 6 2018 started removing a Oreo refurbish with really initial foot after unboxing in China. So, hopefully a tellurian Nokia 6 2018 will also container this underline out of a box.

Nokia 6 2018 Details:

Nokia 6 2018 is powered by Snapdragon 630 processor and comes with many pattern changes and absolute camera facilities like OZO Audio and Bothie. You can review a minute specs, images and some-more of Nokia 6 2018 at a dedicated page.

32GB ROM various is labelled during Yuan 1499 while a 64GB various was labelled during Yuan 1699. As we told we around a sources a pricing stays identical to a strange Nokia 6 2017 version.

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