Nokia 6 2018, Nokia 1, Nokia 9 (8 Sirocco) recover date in India

HMD will launch many Nokia smartphones and dual engaging 4G underline phones including Nokia 3310 4G at MWC 2018. Now, many have been seeking about a illusive recover dates for India. So, here is what we have schooled from a sell sources in India.

As per a retails sources Nokia 6 2018, Nokia 1 and Nokia 9 (Nokia 8 Sirocco) are a certain recover possibilities for India market. The launches will start starting Apr and one by one these inclination and 1-2 some-more inclination will be launched in India. More sum are awaited.

Nokia 6 2018 has already been launched in China and a tellurian various named as Nokia 6.1 might arrive with 3GB RAM as leaked in a Geekbench listing.

Nokia 1 might be a initial Android Go Nokia smartphone and now it seems reliable that it will be denounced during MWC 2018. Read some-more about Nokia 1 illusive specs here.

Our sources have mentioned a 3rd certain launch claimant as Nokia 9. While we now know that Nokia 8 Sirocco is a new name of Nokia 9 2017, it is startling to still learn a aged name Nokia 9 being referred to in sell channels. Will HMD open a warn by rising it as Nokia 9? If we ask us a luck of it being launched as Nokia 9 is utterly low?


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