Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1054) to underline Snapdragon 6XX & pattern …

A new trickle imagining in China claims that a progressing approved TA-1054 that we insincere to be a Nokia 9 various is indeed a Nokia 6 variant. The leakster has posted an image of Nokia 6 aka TA-1054’s tag on Baidu in China.

As per a leaked tag above Nokia 6 2018 chronicle comes with 4GB RAM and 32GB inner storage. The leakster further claims that it will come with an upgraded processor substantially from a Snapdragon 6XX range.

Nokia 6 will come with reduced bezels thereby also ditching hardware buttons in favor of program buttons. FingerPrint has also altered from front to back. The pattern will get slimmer during 6mm with 8mm extending camera module.

This is what a interpretation of a trickle posted on Baidu reads like.

First cancel a front can not be pulpy fingerprint module, altered to a post-fingerprints. By squeezing a chin, a symbol has also turn a practical button, that is really identical with NOKIA 7.
Second, there has been no tiny change in a camera module, Plate density between a shade to a back bombard about 6mm and a sum of 8mm extending camera, however, Plate2 deftly steal NOKIA 5 camera, a back bombard and camera trim Added a devious transition between a camera next a blueprint of a fingerprint recognition!
Finally, NOKIA faith lLOGO!
I stubbornly trust that a reason because a era is rarely criticized, a reason should be that 430 processor. I consider a coming of a changes during a same time, a processor ascent for everybody is even some-more impatient! HMD is firm to be versed with a processor to hoop some-more powerful, improved performance!

Source: Baidu

Thanks Xio-Feng for a tip. Cheers!!

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