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A few months behind Nokia launched it’s Nokia 6 smartphone in several countries, and now a uninformed information is entrance about their Nokia 6 smartphone.

The device has perceived a new update, and here we are articulate about a Global various of a device. It is not an Android chronicle refurbish yet Nokia has pronounced that all their smartphones will accept a Android 8.0 Oreo update shortly. So let’s speak about a refurbish that has arrived for a Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 latest update

The picture is display a new refurbish for Nokia 6.
Image courtesy: gsmarena .com

As we have mentioned above, this refurbish has usually arrived for a Global various of a device that means that there is a probability that users of certain countries will have to wait for it. Nokia 6(TA-1003) has perceived a new Nov Security patch refurbish that includes some fixes for a exiting issues. This new refurbish brings new confidence program for a device that creates it secure opposite a new malware and putrescent files.

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This new refurbish weighs around 150MB, and instead of a confidence software, there are no other manifest changes. If we are watchful for a Android 8.0 Oreo update, afterwards we trust that it competence arrive in a Q1 or Q2 of 2018. And if we are regulating a Nokia 8 flagship afterwards there is good news for we as Nokia pronounced that they had finished Android Oreo Beta plan for a Nokia 8 device and shortly it will be released.

Ensure that your phone has 50% or above assign remaining while updating your Nokia 6 smartphone, Otherwise, we competence finish adult losing your data.

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