Nokia 6 tellurian chronicle gets Nov confidence patch

HMD’s prophesy for a rebirth of a Nokia code involves batch Android and timely updates. This means a association is discerning to seed a new confidence patch to a handsets usually a few days after it’s finalized by Google. The tellurian chronicle of a Nokia 6 (TA-1003) has only started receiving a monthly confidence fixes for November.

The refurbish comes in during 150MB and clearly brings no other changes. With a Oreo refurbish for a Nokia 6 entrance before a finish of a year we assume any new facilities will be entrance alongside it.

Just yesterday HMD announced that a Oreo beta contrast of a Nokia 8 is complete, that means that a refurbish itself will start seeding any impulse now. The Nokia 6 had no open beta module to give us a clue, though it can’t be too distant behind.

Thanks, Sampath Bandara, for a tip!

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