Nokia 6 Oreo beta not accessible in US and China

Last week, HMD Global announced a Nokia 6 has entered Beta Labs, definition users who pointer adult for a module will be means to exam Oreo on their units before a final hurl out. However, it has now come light that Nokia 6 users in some pivotal markets won’t be means to attend in a program.

According to a post on a company’s support forum, a list of such regions embody a US, China and Taiwan. Here’s a finish statement:

We also bewail to surprise we that this use is not accessible for Nokia 6 in US, China and Taiwan due to some additional mandate for technical adaptations. Nokia 6 in US; China and Taiwan will ascent directly to Android Oreo when ready. This limitation relates to users in US (all TA’s), China (TA-1000) and Taiwan (TA-1003).

The post also suggested that users in some regions (like Myanmar) and on some specific carriers (like Vodafone Australia) will not be means to pointer adult for a Beta Labs program.

And finally, for Nokia 6 users in India who are confronting issues participating in beta labs, a association pronounced they’ve identified a issue, and operative on regulating it.

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