Nokia 6 review:

Of a 3 phones Nokia launched progressing this year (The Nokia 3, 5 and 6), a Nokia 6 is a star. But during usually £220 (or $180 in a US, with Amazon’s ads appearing on a lockscreen), it’s still affordable.

It uses reward metals to demeanour pointy and reward yet keeps a cost down with a low-end processor and a arrangement with a ho-hum resolution. As such, opening can be laggy, yet it’s not a outrageous problem for bland use.

Don’t buy this phone if you’re looking for a best instance of what a smartphone can be. Instead, cruise it if we wish a great-looking Android phone that’ll hoop your life’s essentials and won’t empty your wallet.

The all-metal pattern is where this phone unequivocally stands out. It has an cultured that we wouldn’t feel broke to whip out in a posh cocktail bar. It’s an impossibly smart-looking handset with machine-milled edges that give it a discriminating steel accent that looks good on a low blue paint of my examination model. It feels intensely reward to reason too, interjection to that plain physique that has nothing of a groundless feeling flex we find in many lower-end phones.


Andrew Hoyle/CNET

My vital distrurbance about a pattern is that a edges are utterly sharp, that can make a phone worried to hold. It’s something that my co-worker Rick Broida also found when he used a Nokia 6 for a week in place of his many some-more costly iPhone 6S Plus.

I’m also unhappy it lacks USB-C charging, with a 6 opting for a comparison micro-USB standard. It’s not a deal-breaker, quite given a low price, yet with many phones rising now sporting USB-C, it would have been good to see that here. There’s no waterproofing, possibly — yet again, we can’t unequivocally reason that opposite it during this inexpensive price. Just  be clever around a pool or when your awkward crony is reaching for their drink.

The 5.5-inch arrangement is vast adequate to do probity to colourful mobile games and YouTube clips. Its full HD fortitude (1,920×1,080-pixels) is reduce than you’ll find on reward phones like a Galaxy S8, yet it’s some-more than adequate for your bland Twitter and Instagram needs and totally excusable given a phone’s many reduce price. Sure, if we reason both phones corresponding we competence notice a hold reduction clarity on high-res photos on a Nokia, yet this isn’t a really expected scenario.

The octa-core processor is where a phone starts to tumble down. Simply swiping around a Android interface is pretty nippy, yet opening a camera takes longer than I’d like and HDR photos take several seconds to save. Apps can be a bit indolent to open, too, nonetheless we didn’t find any opening problems when regulating a apps. we could fast tweak photos in Snapseed, for example, and games like Sonic and NOVA: Legacy played ideally good adequate to keep we entertained on your commute.

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