Nokia 6 Review: Does this phone put Nokia 6 feet under?

Nokia 6 Review

Quick Verdict

The Nokia 6 is rather bigger than a Nokia 5 and has a aloft res screen, though is worried to reason and outclassed in benchmarks, creation it tough to recommend.

The Nokia 6 is outclassed by a smaller kin and offers unequivocally small justification for a existence.

It’s been 10 years given Apple announced a strange iPhone, and while a residence that Jobs built might be sitting on tip of a smartphone towering now, behind in 2007 a aristocrat of phones was Nokia. At a time Nokia refused to acknowledge a hazard of Apple’s elementary smartphone with an easy to use handling system, and that hubris saw a association collapse, get bought by Microsoft and eventually disappear until HMD Global motionless to revive it this year.

The Nokia 6 is a tip indication in a contingent of Android inclination that have recently launched in Australia, both in terms of specs and cost. But it still rests heavily on a bill spectrum, that is reflected in a altogether performance.

nokia 6 back


As a biggest of a 3 new Nokia devices, there is a transparent heft to a Nokia 6. There’s a 5.5-inch 1080p shade and a 16MP behind camera to residence in that body, and 3GB RAM and 32GB of on house storage, expandable around microSD slot. Not to discuss a 3,000mAh battery, and twin Dolby Atmos speakers and precision-milled aluminium body.

It’s a sincerely complicated phone during 167 grams, though it’s not a weight that creates a Nokia 6 worried to hold. Instead, it’s a tough behind edges. While a Nokia 5 during slightest had a goodness to alleviate a aluminium corners with a dull edge, a Nokia 6 is all about a block lines, that digs into your palm and creates single-hand use a step divided from painful.

Below a shade sits an integrated fingerprint scanner, as good as a customary Android Back and Menu soothing keys. While it should be commended that a phone during this cost indicate facilities an integrated fingerprint sensor, a chain is unwieldy to indeed use unless we occupy twin hands for a job.

nokia 6 camera


On a behind of a Nokia 6 is a 16MP camera with a dual-tone peep and a proviso showing autofocus built in. And in ideal lighting conditions, that sensor is ideally means of gnawing decent shots.

But when things get a spawn darker, a camera struggles to contest opposite a likes of Apple or Samsung. The concentration is delayed and generally a small soft, while a time to indeed take a shot seems like forever.

The 8MP selfie camera is even worse. If you’re anticipating to be means to see a concentration indicate on your face on a 1080p screen, you’re firm to be disappointed, as even a focusing routine looks blurry.

Like a siblings, there’s not most to be pronounced for a camera app either. It functions fine, with elementary control of a peep and designated modes for panoramas and a beauty mode for selfies, though a camera doesn’t preview only how most a mode will change your photo. Instead, we only have to snap a shot and wish for a best.

Nokia 6 camera shots1Nokia 6 camera shots2Nokia 6 camera shots3Nokia 6 camera shots4


It’s utterly fascinating that HMD Global motionless to container a Nokia 6 with a same estimate courage as a rather smaller Nokia 5. Both phones run on a entry-level Snapdragon 430, though a 6’s rather incomparable 5.5-inch (and 1080p) shade meant that when it comes to benchmarks, a Nokia 5 has a slight edge.

The Nokia 6 does have 3GB of RAM inside, though it doesn’t seem to make too most disproportion to a phone’s altogether performance.

That additional RAM doesn’t even assistance a Nokia 6 when it comes to 3D rendering, so it’s substantially not going to cut a mustard for a latest and biggest mobile gaming experiences. But given a cost point, we substantially wouldn’t design it to anyway.

The Nokia 6’s 1080p shade is a prominence of a device. Again, it’s not going to contest with a AMOLED screens from Samsung Galaxy devices, though a 1080p fortitude is purify and transparent and does a plain pursuit even in splendid sunlight.

Also on a certain side of things is HMD Global’s joining to gripping a Nokia inclination adult to date for during slightest twin years. The Nokia 6 is running Android 7.1.1, and a knowledge once we spin it on is same to what we get from a pristine Android device.

That includes entrance to a Google Assistant voice control function, as good as a Google Now character news feed, tailored to your interests and hunt history.

The spec piece for a Nokia 6 proclaims Dolby Atmos support from a twin orator system, though unfortunately a knowledge is underwhelming. The audio peculiarity is tinny and empty, that isn’t a peculiarity we would design to see aligned with a Dolby brand, and is even a distant cry from a Atmos speakers we saw in a ZTE Axon 7.

So when it comes down to it, this isn’t a phone that’s going to broach an considerable experience. On a pristine opening front, you’d be improved off opting for a rather smaller Nokia 5, nonetheless in reality, it’s still radically a same device.

Nokia 6 review

Battery life

Given a low-powered processor and a rather unsatisfactory opening results, there were high hopes that a Nokia 6 would mount adult in a battery life department.

And while it didn’t disappoint, it didn’t unequivocally blow us divided either, and was again trumped by a rather smaller Nokia 5 in a Geekbench 3 battery life tests:

Again, that smaller arrangement creates a Nokia 5 a standout in a Nokia container if you’re unequivocally brand-conscious, though there are many other bill options with improved altogether battery performance.


The Nokia 6 is a disappointment. Admittedly it isn’t claiming to be a series in smartphone engineering, though anyone looking for a lapse of Nokia a Great will be disappointed.

HMD Global has managed to build a strong device, and a shade is good to demeanour during even if a phone itself is worried to hold.

The joining to a cleanest chronicle of Android does make for a good change in a bill space, where many manufacturers select to preload their bloatware onto a device. But it’s not enough.

The elementary law is that if you’re looking for an affordable Android smartphone, there are improved options out there. In fact, there are improved Nokia options out there – a Nokia 5 has roughly all a same inner parts, performs improved in benchmarking and feels most some-more gentle in a hand, all for $50 less.

At this cost point, you’d be improved off indicating your dollars during a Moto G5 or something from Oppo or Alcatel.


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