Nokia 6 review: Hands-on with Nokia’s comeback

Update: Nokia 3 examination is in

While we’re still nonetheless to get a hands on a Nokia 6 for a full review, we have managed to put a firm’s bill handset by a paces. The Nokia 3 has upheld by a doors and if we’re honest, didn’t leave a best initial impression.

It’s a decent adequate handset – it looks unusual for a device sitting during only £130 – though a few niggles unequivocally held it behind from greatness. It’s super inexpensive yes, though indolent opening issues, a common battery life and a unsatisfactory camera left a bit of a green ambience in a mouths. Motorola’s era aged phone – a Moto G4 – is still a reigning champion.

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That being said, we have high hopes for a Nokia 6, and we can examination my strange hands-on examination below.

Nokia 6 review: Hands-on in full

Nokia is back. Just when we suspicion a Finnish organisation had fizzled from existence, a smartphone resurgence is on us – and there’s a prolonged list of them, too. Te Nokia 6 leads a pack, though is it as headline-worthy as a firm’s reimagined Nokia 3310?

The thing is, a Nokia 6 is no new handset. It’s already been with us for a small while now, during slightest in China, strictly rising approach behind in Jan 2017. Rest positive though; a correct tellurian launch is imminent, nonetheless no central recover date has been set. Expect a Nokia 6 to launch in July. 

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Now, we got my unwashed mitts on a Nokia 6 during this year’s MWC discussion behind in February, and as such, can offer my initial impressions of Nokia’s mid-range handset. This is a Nokia 6, though should it be value a look-in in a year filled with illusory flagship alternatives? Let’s find out.

Nokia 6 review: Key specifications and recover date

Nokia 6 review: Design, pivotal facilities and initial impressions

At a tip of Nokia’s 2017 lineup, a Nokia 6 is a firm’s quip flagship, nestled during an affordable mid-range cost point. Forget a Nokia 3, 5 and 3310 revival, we’re here to speak (and play around with) a Nokia 6.

You’ll mark a Full HD, 5.5in IPS arrangement on a front with a pixel firmness of 403ppi, stable by Gorilla Glass 2.5. It competence not be as adorned as a other MWC competitors (LG’s G6 wins by a nation mile), though it’s a decent arrangement nonetheless, generally given you’re handing over only €229 for it. It’s splendid and clear, only what you’d want.

Nokia unequivocally pushed a pattern of a lineup during this year’s MWC, and Nokia’s 6 is no exception. Its stunningly slim, chamfered edges are a best I’ve seen while those winding sides lay cosy in my palm. It also comes with a fingerprint reader on a front, a initial for a tech organisation and an further that’s really most appreciated in this security-conscious age.

The organisation forked gazes towards those twin amplifiers on a bottom, with Dolby Atmos-certified speakers. While a bustling discussion was frequency a time or place to exam this, a association says a Nokia 6 is all for multimedia consumption.

It competence infer to be a honourable photographers’ messenger too, with a 16-megapixel back f/2.0 camera with phase-detection autofocus and a 8-megapixel front-facing limp for Instagram selfies. It’s not as cool, or handy, as LG’s dual-screened G6 with a present shot feedback, though it did a job, even on a dimly illuminated uncover floor.

Shipping with 64GB of storage should be some-more than adequate for your media and apps, though should we run out of space, you’ll find a microSD container on a left edge, expandable adult to 128GB. It’s powered by a 3,000mAh battery too, though it substantially won’t be most foe for a Lenovo P2’s award-winning battery life.

Nokia 6 review: Early verdict

Nokia’s reconstruction lies in refusing to gun for a Apples and Samsungs of a world, instead focusing courtesy towards a mid-range diversion with a Nokia 6. While there competence be flagships on a setting (Nokia 8 hints aplenty), Nokia is penetrating on gripping things elementary for a time being.

And it’s doing that well. The Nokia 6 is a splendidly labelled small handset, with a transparent concentration on aesthetics, but sacrificing performance. we can see Nokia ruffling a few feathers come March, and while a Nokia 6 competence not acquire cult standing à la a 3310, we design it will still make a durability impression. Given that we don’t have to remortgage your home to get one, Nokia’s 6 is already proof a worth.

Stay tuned for my full Nokia 6 examination in a really nearby future.

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