Nokia 6 Review: Plus Stability and Strength, Minus Experience

Nokia finished a quip in a smartphone universe with a not-so-smart Nokia 3310. The association played a sentimental label unequivocally good and did conduct to get a lot of eyes on it. But now that a attempt is over, a association has launched a few “real” smartphones in sequence to get behind into a field. Recently Nokia launched a Nokia 3, a Nokia 5 and a Nokia 6 in a nation (and has also globally denounced a Nokia 8). While these phones were launched a while behind in a country, they have turn accessible usually recently. But are these guns large adequate to move Nokia behind to where it was in a industry? We attempted a eldest hermit in a trio, Nokia 6 and here is what we feel…


Strong and overwhelming in silver

The phone competence be descending in a mid-range shred with a cost tab of Rs. 14,999 though a looks are unequivocally premium. While we have complained a bit in a past about a stable and rather tedious designs that companies have been regulating in this cost segment, Nokia has unequivocally formulated a opposite pattern for this one.

One thing many people associate with Nokia is a strength and reduction of a phones, and we gamble they will associate it with a Nokia 6 as well. The smartphone is finished adult of a singular section of aluminum, giving it a unequivocally solid, organisation feel. It comes with a 5.5-inch full HD shade that covers many of a front. It has a 2.5D winding potion on top, stable by Corning Gorilla Glass. The arrangement is splendid and manageable and is large adequate for we to suffer cinema and TV series. Just next a arrangement are twin backlit capacitive buttons and fingerprint scanner in a center that works as a home symbol as well. Above a shade are a earpiece, a front camera and a vicinity sensor with a Nokia trademark on a impassioned right. The fingerprint scanner takes a bit of time to set adult though once done, works smoothly.


But it is a behind of a smartphone that unequivocally creates it mount out. We got a china various of a device, and we do not remember a final time we favourite a phone this most in terms of looks when it is not even black. It has a unequivocally matte pointed china tone; a receiver bands are benefaction in gray right on a tip and reduce finish of a back. Below a initial receiver band, a association has placed a camera section in a capsule-like made bump. It has a primary camera and a twin LED flash. Below a camera unit, a association has placed a Nokia trademark vertically.


The tip of a smartphone carries a 3.5 mm audio jack while a micro USB pier and a orator grille are benefaction on a base. The left side of a phone binds a hybrid SIM label container while a right side comes with a volume rocker and a power/display button. As we mentioned earlier, a smartphone competence be mid-range in cost though is unequivocally a looker. It measures 154 x 75.8 x 7.9 mm and weighs 169 grams. A bit on a bigger side though we did not face any problems while regulating it. And we are not going to bashful divided from observant that we loooved a smartphone pattern wise.

But there be lags

After looking during a phone for a initial time, we indeed got a bit vehement about regulating it though a fad finished soon. The Nokia 6 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 joined with 3 GB RAM. It comes with 32 GB onboard storage that can be stretched adult to 256 GB around MicroSD card. These are medium specifications for a price, given that we are removing inclination with 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and faster processors during a same and even reduce prices.

The smartphone behaved a bit infrequently from a beginning. We frequently faced stutters as a phone would simply solidify for a separate second while we were regulating it. And this is when we were not even in a complicated multitasking section and were not sophistry with 10-15 apps during once (and trust us, things got worse when we got into THAT sold zone).


We attempted infrequent gaming on a phone, and games like Subway Surfer, Temple Run 2 and Candy Crush ran usually fine. But a opening unequivocally got butchered in a high-end gaming zone. We attempted Asphalt Xtreme and NFS No Limits on a phone and a knowledge was flattering most painful. There were visit lags and a apps also crashed a small too often. Even a camera app when launched from a home shade takes a second to switch on while a shade becomes white. Not usually this, a phone also has a slight heating emanate that usually combined to a problems. Nokia 6 scored 47069 on AnTuTu benchmark – and while we adore humility, this was distant too humble.

Decent camera, though not utterly poignant sparkle

In terms of camera, a Nokia 6 comes with a 16-megapixel primary camera with f/2.0 aperture, PDAF, and twin LED flash. And There is an 8-megapixel delegate camera with f/2.0 orifice for selfies and video calls.


The primary camera did good in a fact department. Close-ups, landscapes, portraits, all were prisoner easily in terms of details. The camera infrequently went off lane per tone and tended to oversaturate colors in extended illumination though did a sincerely good pursuit even in terms of tone facsimile when shots were taken indoors or in not-so extended daylight. The phone rubbed glisten well, though sound creeps in as shortly as one moves to low light conditions.

The front camera of a phone was above normal as well. We found a selfies infrequently a bit on a washed-out side, and a colors were not as good as they should have been though it reproduced good adequate selfies for one’s Facebook. Just do not pattern too much.








That aside, a smartphone is delayed when it comes to a camera. It takes a while to launch a app, to concentration on a theme and even to routine a image. Because a phone is batch Android, there is not most to a modes here, as well. Just Panorama and bedeck along with HDR. Overall, a knowledge remained a bit underwhelming, generally given Nokia’s story in cameras.

Stock Android morality

Back in a day when Nokia was flattering most a code that ruled a smartphone world, it ran on Symbian OS. But a story has altered given a association has come behind from a dead. Nokia is now betting on batch Android, and Nokia 6 is no different. The smartphone comes with batch Android 7.1.1 out of a box. But it has a few teenager tricks adult a sleeve.


The user interface is purify and clutter-free. And there are frequency any third celebration apps on a phone. One of a best tools about carrying a batch Android interface is that it is informed to use and easy. The icons are round, and we usually have to appropriate adult to go to a menu, no app drawer. All of that creates things easy and light. And with batch Android 7.1.1, we also get a Google Assistant. Go ahead, ask for some jokes.

Moving on to a few tricks, Nokia 6 has got a Gesture and Motion underline most like what we see on Moto devices. These assistance we entrance a camera with a double press on a close symbol or tongue-tied a phone call by usually branch it over. Nothing superb though a few shortcuts never spoiled anyone.

Nokia 6 is powered by a 3000 mAh battery that does not seem impressive, holding in care a distance of a smartphone. That said, it achieved well. The phone can see a day with you, operative a approach by complicated usage. That said, we would have to block it in each night as it would not go as distant as a other day. Under complicated usage, a phone can final adult to 12-15 hours, while it can see roughly full 24 hours if used moderately. There is not any quick assign support on a device, that is a bit of pain though not too unsatisfactory during this cost indicate (although some Moto fans competence disagree).

We did not face any call dump issues with a device, and a sound on orator seems shrill and transparent enough. The connectivity options on a device embody Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, FM Radio and USB OTG. The phone comes with hybrid SIM container support one SIM and a memory label or twin network SIMs during once.

Very traditional…in a complicated world


The Nokia 6 is a device with a good design, good display, and decent battery life. But while a pattern of a device is exciting, all else looks a bit dull. While there are some positives, there is not anything that would make your jaw drop. The phone is labelled during Rs. 14,999 in a marketplace and it is indeed on a bit of a prohibited chair right now, since station opposite it are a likes of a Moto G5s Plus, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, a Xiaomi Mi A1, and a Lenovo K8 Note, all of that exaggerate improved processors, incomparable batteries and in some cases, improved (and even dual) cameras too. Which leaves a Nokia 6 flattering most in no man’s land. Yes, it retains a normal values of strength and fortitude though lags in a knowledge department. Literally.

Nokia 6

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