Nokia 6 Review: Premium For A Bargain

Nokia is back, and they meant business.

There are few names in a tech attention that bleed such feelings of nostalgia like Nokia. The Finnish association that once reason somewhere in upwards of 41% of a whole mobile handset market, a attainment that’s scarcely double what Samsung even binds today. While a tumble of Nokia was lamented by many, a quip in 2017 could unequivocally good be a biggest and many prolonged awaited quip in any tech company’s history. While Nokia is now roughly self-existent in a mobile handset market, a princely name lives on to meant something some-more than many companies could dream of. With a Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, a association is creation a reappearance on a market, finished by HMD Global and powered by Google’s Android 7.1 Nougat. These are entry-level smartphones by cost and estimate power, yet underline some specs that competence surprise. How does a tip finish one fair? Let’s take a look.

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Sporting a tip cost of a newly announced phones, a Nokia 6 is sole exclusively during Amazon and is labelled during $229/€229/Rs. 14999. Folks looking for a bonus will find that Amazon ships a device in a second pattern for significantly reduction ($179), customarily like a Kindle line of eReaders. Nokia ships a 6 in mixed conflicting tone variants including Matte Black, Tempered Blue, Silver, Copper and a some-more glossy Arte Black. Each Nokia 6 is given with an anodized 6000 array aluminum steel unibody, and customarily a receiver lines have been transposed with cosmetic cutouts. The device measures in during 154mm high by 75.8mm far-reaching by 8.4mm thin, while it weighs 169 grams.

A 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD row sits adult front, with an 8-megapixel camera above it. Below this sits a set of capacitive behind and Overview multitasking buttons, as good as a capacitive fingerprint sensor/home symbol in-between. Around behind is a 16-megapixel camera with f/2.0 orifice lens, as good as a dual-tone LED peep module.  3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage is a customary pattern for a phone, nonetheless Nokia does offer a chronicle with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of inner storage for a cost jump. The SIM label container supports possibly twin nano-SIM cards or a singular nano-SIM and a microSD card.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa-core SoC (MSM8937) with Adreno 505 GPU energy a estimate side of a house, while a 3,000mAh battery keeps a knowledge going. Stereo speakers are enclosed on a Nokia 6, with one being located in a earpiece on front, and one located on a bottom subsequent to a microUSB port. The 3.5mm audio ajck is adult tip and sports Dolby Atmos enhancements for practical approximate sound, as good as a 7.5W limit output. The Nokia 6 supports 10W discerning charging around a enclosed 5V/2A charger. An NFC chip is enclosed for full Android Pay support, as good as an FM Radio tuner and Bluetooth 4.1 support. Android 7.1.1 Nougat powers a OS side of things out of a box.

In The Box

Contents of a box are justly scant, given a fact that this is a flattering well-specced phone for a price. Aside from a phone you’ll find a singular USB Type-A to microUSB cable, with a apart 5V/2A (10W) wall charger. A SIM tray eject apparatus is also enclosed alongside some manuals, and surprisingly Nokia threw a span of earbuds in as well, customarily in box we indispensable some. The box itself is rather appealing on a front, arrangement Nokia’s heading hand-holding iconography, and looking utterly singular on a shelf subsequent to many other tasteless phone boxes.


For a $200 or so phone, a Nokia 6 facilities a rather good display. Sporting 1080p fortitude during a 5.5-inch size, a 400 pixels-per-inch firmness looks pointy and purify even when holding a shade close, and keeps opening during an excusable turn too. This IPS LCD row sports many of a same positives and negatives of other panels during this cost range, including decent object prominence and a sincerely decent pixel diligence rate. Some displays during this cost operation will have lots of ghosting or blurring when relocating objects are on screen, and while a arrangement on a Nokia 6 facilities some manifest blurring, it’s not a misfortune we’ve ever seen, even for flagship-tier displays.

Black levels are sincerely customary of IPS LCD panels and demeanour some-more gray than black, generally during aloft liughtness levels. Contrast ratios and tone correctness are all flattering decent, with colors that are good yet not too transparent or dull. The shade gives off a some-more cold heat to it though, and whites will have a somewhat blue paint to them when compared to some-more tone scold displays. There’s no composition for tone within a program either, so you’ll have to understanding with a somewhat false whites here. Auto liughtness is a bit irritating, and mostly would collect liughtness levels too low for delight when not in approach light. we mostly found myself augmenting a brightness, and after a while incited adaptive liughtness off given we constantly had to fiddle with it anyway. There are no off-screen gestures like double daub to arise a shade here, or anything of that nature.

Hardware and Build

HMD Global has built a Nokia 6 to last, and that’s of march a curtsy to a classical Nokia handsets of yore, that featured what many would cruise to be an unbreakable build quality. We’ve seen in leaked calm a few months behind that a phone was used to impulse a walnut open, and not customarily a steel behind of a phone, a shade as well. The physique itself weighs a somewhat above normal 169g, that lends to a ultra high peculiarity feeling a 6000 array aluminum unibody pattern already gives it. This weight creates it feel like an impossibly plain phone, and a front arrangement is wrapped in Gorilla Glass 3 protection, that during slightest in a contrast seems to reason adult improved to daily wear and rip than a after era Gorilla Glass 4 and 5 do.

The sharp, loyal corners and entirely steel build of a Nokia 6 are officious gorgeous, notwithstanding a fact that they seem to go conflicting all that many flagship manufacturers have been relocating toward (i.e. all glass, waterproof build). The pointy chamfered edges all around a support pierce a somewhat winding behind together with a totally prosaic sides, formulating a pleasing demeanour that feels reward all around. Flat steel buttons with a same anodized cloaking and glossy chamfered edges demeanour ideal on a body, and a styling feels unconditionally Nokia all a approach around. It’s simply an implausible build that doesn’t customarily demeanour good, it feels good too. It’s also tough, and will approaching withstand a tumble in places those all-glass phones simply won’t. While it’s not rated as “shatterproof” like we’ve seen a handful of other devices, it’s positively worse than many you’ll buy out there.

One extraordinary welfare was to leave an aged microUSB pier on a bottom instead of relocating to USB Type-C, something that’s approaching a outcome of cost assets rather than anything else for HMD Global’s some-more budget-friendly handsets. A singular orator sits subsequent to a right of microUSB pier during a bottom, and a 3.5mm audio jack is placed during a top, located in a same right-hand position as a speaker. The volume rocker and energy symbol are on a right, situated closer to a tip than they maybe should be. This aloft betterment creates it somewhat worried to adjust a volume while on a call, yet doesn’t poise a problem otherwise. On a left you’ll customarily find a SIM/microSD label tray that ejects with a enclosed tool.

Performance and Memory

There’s a flattering vast dichotomy between processors and other components during this cost range. Nokia looks to have comparison a improved build and arrangement in welfare of improved performance, and unfortunately it becomes rather apparent when regulating a phone that Nokia cut behind a estimate energy in welfare of other things. It’s not terrible by any means, and given a comparatively low energy of this SoC, it’s rather considerable to see how good it can keep adult with a shade regulating during 1080p resolution. Still there’s no masking a opening here; a phone can delayed down utterly a bit during times, and if you’re a discerning relocating user, it’s going to have a tough time gripping up. Regular things like typing, switching between tasks and going to a home shade would mostly take longer than other phones out there, generally ones even somewhat some-more costly than this one.

Simple games will run customarily glorious on here, yet anything with a 3D demeanour to it, generally a some-more fatiguing 3D games, will have to be totally avoided. There’s customarily not adequate opening out of this SoC to be means to run many of these games during playable speeds.  Often times you’ll find yourself watchful adult to a integrate of mins for things to load, customarily to find a diversion runs in singular series framerates, definition it’s simply not playable. This is unequivocally not a phone that we can suggest for gaming, it’s customarily regulating too high of a fortitude for these forms of tasks with this low energy of a chipset inside. Thankfully Nokia has given a device with lots of RAM though, and multi-tasking works impossibly well, generally when compared to altogether opening of a phone. Split-screen functionality built into Android works unequivocally well, nonetheless like many other things on a device, it competence take a integrate of seconds to get a pursuit finished and lift adult both apps during once. Generally yet once a apps are running, things flog into full speed and it’s some-more formidable to notice that this is a some-more budget-friendly phone.


As expected, a Snapdragon 430 ranks flattering low on a list of complicated devices, and is incompetent to keep adult with flagship phones from even twin years ago or more. Qualcomm’s low finish chipsets don’t utterly reason a candle to a opening that MediaTek can give for a same price, and while they seem to offer some-more harmony in some circumstances, a capability customarily isn’t there.

Wireless Connectivity

HMD Global sells this phone unbarred by a series of conflicting sources, yet Amazon seems to have exclusivity rights in many tools of a universe during this time. As such a phone is designed to work in a series of markets, and facilities 4G LTE connectivity in all upheld tools of a universe where it is sold. As a complicated device a phone also supports WiFi Calling when it is upheld by your conduit of choice, and worked ideally on T-Mobile US in a testing. While there is an choice for Enhanced 4G LTE connectivity (Voice over LTE), calls seemed to be rubbed customarily around a 3G HSPA network for us.

This resulted in reduction than stellar call peculiarity compared to other phones out there, nonetheless it’s not off a symbol for phones in this cost range. We also had some issues with vigilance strength for both WiFi and dungeon signal, and mostly had issues with information or pursuit inside buildings where we wouldn’t routinely have problems when on WiFi or LTE data. Nokia entirely supports Bluetooth 4.1 for good wireless audio connectivity, and an NFC chip is here for full mobile remuneration support around Android Pay out of a box.

Battery Life

Battery life as a whole is great, nonetheless not stellar, pulling flattering normal battery life in general. At a finish of a full day we frequently found that a phone would have around 30% battery life left, circumference down toward 20% on heavier use days. While it’s approaching that a device with a low energy SoC like a Snapdragon 430 would have implausible battery life, a 1080p arrangement keeps a processor regulating flattering high many of a time, holding divided a battery life corner it competence differently have if it had a 720p display. Still a full day’s use out of any phone is a best we could ask for yet carrying a bumbling section of a device, and you’ll approaching not have any issues when regulating this phone in any capacity.

Given a fact that this SoC isn’t clever adequate to hoop those processing-intensive games on a Play Store, anticipating applications that dull a battery fast will approaching be flattering difficult. Nokia doesn’t support a latest QuickCharge standards on this phone, that is unsatisfactory deliberation a chipset supports QuickCharge 3.0. Instead it’s customarily got 10W charging, that is faster than a comparison 5W microUSB charging from years ago, yet doesn’t reason a candle to a latest phone’s charging speeds. On normal it took over 2 hours to entirely assign a phone when it was empty, and a 30-minute top-up didn’t generally outcome in some-more than a 15-20% boost to battery life.


Sound is an area where Nokia positively did not skimp out, and it all starts with stereo speakers right on a section itself. Utilizing a unequivocally complicated HTC-like configuration, a phone uses a earpiece to act as a left speaker, and a bottom orator to act as a right orator when reason in a landscape position. This sound immediately fills a space between a phone and ears, and sounds significantly improved than phones with customarily a singular speaker, regardless of a price. There are phones with improved stereo speakers on a market, yet they all cost significantly some-more income to contend a least. Stereo speakers are critical for listening to music, examination videos or doing anything involving sound on a phone, and it’s glorious to see Nokia prioritizing this even on such a budget-friendly phone, that mostly don’t get facilities like this.

Furthering this welfare to make audio peculiarity one of a pinnacle critical aspects of a phone, Nokia isn’t customarily gripping a 3.5mm audio jack in play, it’s also make-up in a good amp that outputs 7.5W sound. This formula in audio outlay peculiarity that matches many flagship phones out there, providing sound that’s clear, punchy and altogether sounds great. Many phones during this cost operation offer reduction than good sound quality, yet Nokia has supposing a top-tier audio knowledge all around with a Nokia 6, and you’ll unequivocally customarily find improved in phones that are hundreds of dollars more.

On tip of this Nokia also reserve Dolby Atmos support for inclination that underline this technology. Dolby Atmos is a new approach of formulating practical approximate sound that’s been gaining poignant recognition and mostly is deliberate a many cost effective fortitude for good approximate sound yet violation a bank. The customarily normal charity here is a Bluetooth 4.1 support, that doesn’t offer anything imagination like a high bitrate aptX codec, or imagination new facilities of a newer Bluetooth 5.0 like twin audio output. For this cost yet we unequivocally shouldn’t pattern this kind of thing.


Nokia is operative toward being one of a glorious minimalist practice we can find on any non-Google finished device, and it all starts with updates. Packing a latest Android 7.1.1 out of a box, a Nokia 6 runs a newer chronicle of Android than roughly any other phone out there. Even some newer phones are customarily shipping with Android 7.0 Nougat instead of a upgraded releases Google has put out given rising Nougat final Fall, and Nokia promises quicker updates of Android than other OEMs do too. Right off a bat scarcely all feels like it does on a Nexus or Pixel branded device, even things like swiping adult on a launcher to pierce adult a app drawer, or pulling adult Google Now on a leftmost home screen. Everything else is solidly batch Android looking too, from a icons to a menus, tone intrigue and altogether thesis in general, all looks like it would on a distant some-more costly Google Pixel.

The chronicle of Nokia 6 we’re regulating is a Amazon Prime ignored indication with lockscreen ads. Amazon sells many inclination with this arrange of built-in promotion model, and while it’s not terribly overt by any means, it affects a use of a device distant some-more than it would on something like a Kindle eReader. As a ads are delivered on a lockscreen, Amazon doesn’t wish users bypassing this critical place by scanning in their fingerprints, as can be finished on many complicated smartphones now. Instead dire on a home button/fingerprint reader simply turns a phone on, and a second press is compulsory to indeed transparent it. This function isn’t benefaction in a ad-free chronicle of a phone, and yet it you’ll find a common near-instant unlocking that we would pattern from a complicated Android device. Having this lockscreen ad creates a unlocking knowledge take longer than usual, yet it isn’t overt in any other way, and we won’t find ads appearing over apps or popping down in notifications; they are 100% limited to a lockscreen. It’s irritating to have to indicate a fingerprint twice for sure, yet it competence be value a $50 assets for many users.

As this is an Amazon disdainful phone, Amazon has built a services into this phone, yet not in a same approach it has attempted to in a past. Unlike a Fire line of tablets, a Nokia 6 runs batch Android, not FireOS. This means Google services are built loyal into a complement as we would pattern on Android, yet Amazon has also combined in their services to a advantage of a consumer. Other Android phones can download Amazon’s Underground Appstore, yet it’s a third celebration implement that requires a dismissal of an critical confidence trait within Android; a ability to implement program from “unknown sources.” Removing this limitation opens adult a universe of probable problems, and with a ability for customary users to be means to implement program from anywhere, malware is unfailing to turn prevalent (as we’ve seen on some-more than one occasion).

As such Amazon’s Appstore behaves accurately like a Google Play Store does, and can implement and refurbish apps automatically yet wanting any kind of user input, utterly a nasty “install from conflicting sources” confidence bypass. This creates an ecosystem that’s both protected and allows for a ability to get rival pricing and deals from both Google and Amazon, something that can’t always be pronounced about a phone. This pattern is radically what Amazon dictated approach behind when it initial started operative a app store game, and it’s good to see this come full circle. All of Amazon’s other services are here, including a ones that take full advantage of that Prime membership. Included is Amazon Music, with a 30-day hearing and special Prime member pricing, as good as Amazon Cloud Drive and Photos with 5GB of giveaway cloud storage.

Camera Software

In many respects a camera interface on a Nokia 6 will feel informed to anyone who’s ever used a smartphone before, nonetheless iconography is thankfully conflicting from many phones nowadays. All a basis are here, like a dedicated camera print shiver symbol and video recording symbol on one side of a screen, and a few discerning options on a conflicting side. Among a options benefaction during a tip are swapping between front and back cameras, toggling a shiver timer, HDR functionality and toggling flash. By default Flash and HDR are both set to auto, nonetheless these can possibly be incited to always on or always off, depending on preference. Modes are comparison by a tiny camera symbol located right subsequent to a shiver button, again another pattern welfare that’s treacherous and doesn’t benefaction apparent functionality from a get-go.

Available modes are flattering light: Panorama, Beautify and Photos/Videos. There’s no other imagination modes here, customarily a simple camera sharpened experience. By default a camera is set to involuntary everything, including a “light boost” mode that’s ostensible to make reduce light shots better. Manual camera mode can be enabled from in here, yet requires an additional sub-menu to work through, definition many users will substantially never try in and find it. Manual mode gives a ability to adjust bearing weighting, bearing bias, white change and even an engaging concentration toggle. This concentration toggle has 3 options: automobile focus, forever concentration and macro focus. Infinity concentration seems to be damaged though, as it doesn’t ever yield a transparent pattern no matter what unfolding we put it in. Macro is a good approach to force a concentration super tighten for those times when automobile concentration simply can’t figure out that it’s ostensible to see what’s function adult tighten and not distant away.

On a interface you’ll find that a left-hand menu symbol doesn’t indeed slip out a menu during all, rather it opens a settings menu, that is a bit of an peculiar visible pattern decision. This is where you’ll toggle between involuntary and primer modes, or toggling a compass, turn or grid. An choice for detonate mode is here, labeled as shiver control, and possibly allows detonate shots to be taken when holding down a shiver button, or disabling will concede a shiver symbol to be used to primary a concentration and wait for a right moment. This is indeed a rather good underline as it helps get a concentration bound and wait for a right moment, rather than carrying to fondle with a concentration and skip a shot. There are also options for adding in your possess watermark to any picture, toggling geotagging, toggling a wizz slider to be always on, always off or automatically seem when needed, and options for fortitude and what a volume pivotal does.

Camera Performance and Results

Camera opening isn’t mostly a concentration of a phone that retails code new for underneath $200, and so prolonged as we have that expectancy going in, we won’t be disappointed. Launching a camera customarily takes around 4 seconds or so, no matter if a shade is off or you’re already doing something on a phone. The common double-tap on a energy symbol gives a discerning approach to launch a camera yet carrying to fiddle with icons or corkscrew by a app drawer. Taking a tangible shot customarily lingers for a second or twin while a camera focuses, followed by a shot. This prolonged length of time between dire a camera shiver symbol and a phone indeed holding a pattern will approaching be a indicate of disappointment for many users, as it caused me to skip a shot a integrate of times. Turning a detonate mode off helps with this a lot though, as it gives a approach to primary a concentration and take a shot as shortly as you’re prepared for it.

Daytime shots are generally utterly good, and offer shots that demeanour good when compared to anything else in this cost range, and infrequently even beyond. The 16-megapixel sensor takes in lots of fact when light is good, and Nokia’s HDR record does a good pursuit of creation adult for a reduce energetic operation on a sensor, nonetheless it tends to take a second or twin to indeed routine a shot after holding it. This means a support will solidify when taken, yet in ubiquitous it doesn’t seem to be super supportive to transformation during this time period. Still it’s best to try not to pierce during a constraint process, differently we competence finish adult with a print that’s becloud in parts.

Lower light constraint doesn’t transport as good as daytime, yet each now and afterwards a decent shot can be grabbed from a camera in reduce light. Indoor conditions in ubiquitous are decent to good so prolonged as there are no clever light sources from windows or abnormally splendid directional lights, yet indoor scenes with lots of resisting light sources means problems with this camera. You’ll see in a gallery next that a lot of indoor and low light shots possibly demeanour super soft, interjection to a sensor that produces a lot of sound in these situations, or finish adult becloud due to a longer shiver speed. Either approach it will substantially get a pursuit finished in some circumstances, yet low light is positively not this camera’s forte.

The front-facing camera is rather good, generally for this cost point. 8-megapixels is a aloft fortitude than even some flagships offer, and a camera sensor itself does a good pursuit of capturing selfies in any light. Photos are purify looking and generally do a good pursuit of focusing, nonetheless a automobile concentration procedure inside can get duped into focusing on a credentials during times. Video is flattering normal as well, with a limitation to 1080p fortitude instead of 4K. While this approaching won’t worry too many folks, generally during this cost range, it’s value observant given 4K recording has turn a customary on many phones out there. Dynamic operation and tone correctness are all flattering good, yet there’s no visual picture stabilization, so any transformation will outcome in some-more unsure video than phones with some kind of stabilization. Again a processor isn’t absolute adequate to be means to even surrogate hardware stabilization for software, so we customarily won’t be removing that here.

The Good

Gorgeous style

Super reward build

Great price

Excellent audio around Dolby Atmos

Stereo speakers

Good arrangement for a price

Latest chronicle of Android

Stock looking skin with lots of features

Split-screen multi-tasking and good RAM management

Lots of good built-in Amazon facilities and services

VoLTE and WiFi pursuit support

The Bad

microUSB instead of USB Type-C

Slow performance

Can’t play many 3D games

Camera can be unequivocally slow


2017 outlines a transparent quip year with Nokia, and they’re kicking it all off by charity an impossibly plain phone for a inexpensive price. Quite literally one of a best, if not a best built phones in this cost range, a Nokia 6 is a loyal covenant to a chronological build peculiarity of Nokia phones, and takes those qualities with it no matter a price. Stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos support and a generally good arrangement for a cost make this a contender for glorious song listening and video examination on a go, yet a opening of a SoC leaves utterly a bit to be preferred during times. The camera is also flattering normal during best, and can also be slow, generally when rising and focusing. Still there’s copiousness of other certain points here too, like a battery that simply lasts all day, and a character that’s all a own, a Nokia 6 is a complicated hitter that’s entrance in during a inexpensive price, and even cheaper if we opt for a Amazon lockscreen ads. Built-in Amazon services and products keep it winning, and altogether this phone shows that Nokia means business on a initial Android-powered phones.

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