Nokia 6 to shortly get Flyme 6; teaser tips during Meizu and Nokia eventuality in June

The Flyme OS of Meizu competence make a approach to a Nokia 6 Android smartphone soon. It was famous formerly that a Nokia 6 will get this firmware in a nearby future.

Nokia 6 to shortly get Flyme 6; teaser tips during Meizu and Nokia event

Talking about a Nokia 6 software, a Chinese various of a smartphone runs on a tradition skin by Nokia and a tellurian Nokia 6 units run on a nearby batch build of Google’s Android OS. Now, with a Flyme OS nearing on Nokia 6, it will really describe a good user knowledge to a users of a smartphone. Notably, the Flyme OS is one of a best tradition Android skins right now.

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A Weibo user has leaked a news that a Flyme OS will be attack a Nokia 6 smartphone soon. The user also posted a screenshot of a central Flyme OS website of China inventory a Nokia 6 on a firmware download page.

As mentioned above, Flyme is one of a best tradition Android skins accessible right now. It looks flattering good and runs uniformly on a Meizu devices. The harmony of this firmware with inclination of other brands is not great. However, if a ROM is accessible around a central Flyme website, afterwards it will be well-spoken enough.

Flyme 6, a latest iteration of Flyme OS is a vital ascent from a Flyme 5. The Flyme 6 has an AI to know a user habits and customize a knowledge offering to a users. The user interface is neat and purify too. There are many underneath a hood inclusions such as Auto-repair during Night, Game mode, etc. The Process Reaper underline enhances a user knowledge by study their habits.

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In a meantime, a teaser has been suggested by a Weibo user famous for leaking a Meizu associated news before a central release. The teaser shows that Meizu and Nokia competence group adult for an eventuality to occur in June. There is no central acknowledgment from possibly of a companies to know if this picture is authentic.

For now, there is no partnership between Nokia and Meizu to to strengthen these rumors. But there is a conjecture that Nokia competence work on a hardware of a device that will run a Meizu’s Flyme OS. We need to wait and watch to know some-more about what’s behind this teaser.

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