Nokia 6 Update Aims To Repeat Last Year’s Sneaky CES Trick

Last year saw Finnish startup HMD Global open a warn on a geekerati as it announced a initial Android-powered smartphone. The Nokia 6 was announced during a finish of CES, and with a miss of smartphone foe entrance out of Las Vegas, it prisoner a headlines and opened adult a successful year for HMD Global as it brought a Nokia name behind to a market.

So it will come as no warn that the association is looking to follow a identical trail in 2018.


Nokia 6, 2018 book (image:

Perhaps concerned to evasion any incomparable and some-more warlike manufacturers ‘pulling an HMD’ during a finish of CES, this year’s chronicle of a Nokia 6 was given a still proclamation only before CES on HMD Global’s Chinese website.

No doubt this gives government something to speak about and uncover off on a CES building in Las Vegas that is ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ but divulgence to ouch about any launches entrance adult in February.

But this Nokia 6 tells us something else about a market.

The 2018 chronicle of a handset has moved adult a ladder a small bit some-more than only a elementary chip modernise twelve months after would offer. 2017’s handset used a SnapDragon 430, a comparatively low-end complement on chip. That has been transposed with a mid-range SnapDragon 630. Now a Nokia 3 is brining adult a reduce en o a portfolio a Nokia 6 (2018) can widen a bit aloft to overpass a opening to a Nokia 8 (and a reputed Nokia 9). RAM has been increasing to 4GB, and a handset now comes with a complicated USB-C port.

Unfortunately Android 8.0 Oreo is not accessible out of a box, instead it will arrive shortly as an over-the-air update. But a cost stays during a $230 mark.

Last year’s Nokia 6 splendid HMD Global into a Android-powered smartphone game. After twelve months of experience, a Finnish group has a improved thought of what a portfolio needs and what a business expect.

As with final year’s indication a Nokia 6 will launch in China and there’s no evident news on accessibility outward of that country. But with a initial Nokia 6’s pierce out of a BRIC countries to a wider universe announced during Mobile World Congress in February, we competence not have prolonged to wait for this year’s Nokia 6 to take a subsequent step from final year’s successful playbook.

Now examination my examination of a 2017 book of a Nokia 6…

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