Nokia 6, your goal is to get a US to caring about Nokia


The Nokia 6: nearing stateside in May.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

HMD Global, a startup behind a latest incarnation of Nokia phones, is entrance to America after all.

The Nokia 6, that done a entrance during a Mobile World Congress trade uncover in Barcelona on Sunday, will strike a US marketplace in May. It won’t be accessible by any carriers, though instead will be accessible to buy undisguised by sell partners, pronounced Juho Sarvikas, HMD’s arch product officer, in an talk with CNET. He declined to give sum on that partners or on a US pricing. The phone will cost around £200 in a UK, converting to about $280.

“The trend is that a open marketplace is growing,” pronounced Sarvikas, explaining a company’s preference not to partner with any carriers for a phone’s launch.

The acknowledgment of a Nokia 6’s attainment in a US is a 180-degree spin from what HMD CEO Florian Seiche progressing told CNET. Seiche had pronounced Monday that a Nokia phones denounced during MWC wouldn’t be entrance to a US. “It’s not a core concentration for this year, though positively it is on a highway map,” he said.

Nokia is a latest handset builder to exam a US waters by offered a phone directly to consumers, circumventing a normal process of partnering with a immeasurable conduit for promotional and sell placement support. But aside from a few exceptions like OnePlus, companies have struggled to get consumers to notice. The immeasurable infancy of people still get their phones by a carrier. Nokia, however, has a advantage of name approval — even if a brand’s relevancy in a US has mostly evaporated. 

It’s still a code that many around a universe have lustful memories of, assisting to give it an additional boost during trade shows like MWC 2018. The Nokia 6 is one of 5 phones a association denounced during a Barcelona uncover on Sunday. It sits precisely in a midrange device joint and serves as an updated chronicle of final year’s Nokia 6 (that’s right — same name, opposite phone), though with several new tone options available.

“If we demeanour during this US open market, this midtier is where we have a lot of people purchasing their device,” pronounced Sarvikas. The Nokia 6 is a really good tender for this market, he added.

Some Nokia fans in a US competence be undone that they can’t get their hands on a flagship Nokia 8 Sirocco or a rebooted 8110 banana phone. But it’s not HMD Global’s goal to slight a US market.

“We have a some-more focused devise for a US and we have long-term aspiration as good — it’s a pivotal marketplace globally,” pronounced Sarvikas. “We’ll have some-more news to share after on this year.”


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