Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus: What’s new and different

HMD Global this week serve stretched a product portfolio by announcing another new Nokia smartphone. The Nokia 7.1 was launched in London as a reward mid-range smartphone. The impulse a phone was revealed, we couldn’t assistance though notice that a phone shares a lot of a same pattern and hardware as another Nokia phone that was recently launched, a Nokia 6.1 Plus.

The Nokia 6.1 Plus was launched in India in August and has seen a flattering superb response interjection to a edge-to-edge display, all-glass pattern and some considerable hardware and software. The Nokia 7.1 works on matching drift and nonetheless it brings a few new facilities that sets it detached from a Nokia 6.1 Plus. Here’s a demeanour during what both a phones move and what’s new with a Nokia 7.1.

Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus design

On initial look, we would consider a Nokia 7.1 looks matching to a Nokia 6.1 Plus. It brings a matching edge-to-edge arrangement with a nick and a chin. It also gets a covering of 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 on a front and back. The behind row sees a straight twin camera setup and a fingerprint setup, that again looks matching to a Nokia 6.1 Plus. However, HMD has put a small some-more work into enlightening a Nokia 7.1.

While a Nokia 6.1 Plus gets a dull support for a some-more gentle grip, a Nokia 7.1 gets a 6000 array aluminium support with solid cut chamfered edges. The edges come with copper or china accents all around depending on a choice of colour for a some-more reward finish. The altogether demeanour is a small some-more blocky than dull that creates it mount detached from a Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus specifications

Here’s what a twin phones share as distant as specifications are concerned. They both come with 5.84-inch FHD+ displays with a 19:9 aspect ratio. They get a same octa-core Snapdragon 636 chipset with adult to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of inner storage, that is expandable. They both residence matching 3,060mAh battery and are Android One inclination with batch Android Oreo out-of-the-box. Both a phones will also shortly be updated to Android 9 Pie, as per HMD.

Now, a Nokia 7.1 gets a a few additional facilities that helps it mount out. The initial is PureDisplay shade record that is a initial time HMD has introduced this for a Nokia phones. HMD says that a PureDisplay shade on a Nokia 7.1 offers a improved contrariety and crook peculiarity with HDR10 support. Platforms like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that support HDR will demeanour even improved on a Nokia 7.1. The Nokia 7.1 offers a 1,000,000:1 energetic contrariety ratio with good fact and colourful colours. Notably, a device will also upscale SDR calm into HDR content. None of this is upheld on a Nokia 6.1 Plus.

The other large disproportion between a Nokia 7.1 and a Nokia 6.1 Plus is a inclusion of Zeiss optics for a former. The Nokia 7.1 gets twin Zeiss-braided cameras on a behind with a 12MP + 5MP pattern and twin proviso showing support for faster autofocus. On a front, it gets an 8MP sensor with f/2.0 aperture.

On paper, however, a Nokia 6.1 Plus seems to offer a improved camera pattern reduction a Zeiss optics. It gets a 16MP + 5MP twin camera setup on a behind and a 16MP front-facing sensor. Both a phones support HDR photography and bokeh. It will be engaging to see either a Zeiss optics on a Nokia 7.1 will assistance a phone constraint improved photos compared to a Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Nokia 7.1 vs Nokia 6.1 Plus price

The Nokia 6.1 Plus has been launched in India during a flattering rival cost of Rs 15,999. This is one of a reasons a phone has finished unusually good during all a peep sales that have taken place so far.

The Nokia 7.1 has been announced for a European and a US markets as of now and there is no transparent thought on when it will come to India. The phone has been labelled between 299 to 349 Pounds (approx Rs 28,000 to Rs 33,000). If a device comes to India, design a some-more rival pricing given a phone brings a lot of a same facilities as a Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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