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Nokia announced three Android handsets during Mobile World Congress 2017, imprinting a company’s lapse to smartphones. It also announced a new Nokia 3310, a retro play that appears to be some-more of a selling attempt than anything else.

Missing from this choice of inclination is anything that breaks out of a affordable finish of a market. The Nokia 6 offers reward design, though in many cases a specs don’t stand out of a finish of a marketplace that’s entry- or mid-range.

Prior to a launch of a Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, there were copiousness of rumours of a high-end device, a device that’s now being called a Nokia 8. We’ve been gripping lane of all a sum of Nokia’s new flagship Android smartphone.

  • Formerly Nokia P1
  • Now famous as Nokia 8
  • Has been called Nokia 9

Nokia has finished a good pursuit on gripping a device names quiet. Rumours creatively focused on a D1C and a P1, with a meditative that a D1C turn a Nokia 6. The Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 didn’t underline in rumours, though that could be given reduce tier phones are mostly ignored, while flagship phones are mostly over arrogant by expectation.

The name Nokia 8 initial came from a trickle claiming to be a stirring handset, though it was resolutely rebuked by Qualcomm, who pronounced this was usually a Snapdragon prototype. But a Nokia 8 name stuck. Nokia Power User afterwards performed information from an unnamed source, that referred to a new flagship as a Nokia 9, while another Nokia Power User post pronounced a Nokia 8 will in-fact be a premium, mid-range device instead.

Both names have stuck, though some-more recently we’ve seen a leak of what’s reported to be selling element for a Nokia 8, so many envision that Nokia 8 will be a go-to-market name for Nokia’s flagship phone.

Venture Beat/Evan Blass
  • IP68 insurance suggested
  • Metal build rumoured
  • Small bezel design

In terms of design, it’s said that a Nokia flagship phone will offer a reward metal design. In terms of details, detached from metal, there’s been speak of IP68 H2O and dirt insurance in a Nokia 8 flagship device.

All a Nokia Android phones so distant have started life as a retard of 6000 array aluminium, so we’d pattern a flagship to be accurately a same to contend a same story about peculiarity that HMD Global – a association creation a new Nokia phones – has been telling. Some of a early rumours about Nokia 8 were formed on Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 bombard leaks, so there’s now really small to go on when it comes to design.

There’s also a rumour that a Nokia flagship will come in twin sizes with identical specs, holding a identical proceed to Apple, Huawei and Samsung, that have lead to a Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 fixing confusion, though that conjecture seems to be reduction good founded, with new leaks focusing on a one device.

The clearest picture arrangement a pattern (above) comes from Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, pity a device on Twitter and VentureBeat, along with a video.

Additionally, the surfacing of what’s pronounced to be “marketing material” displaying a phone that’s being reserved a series “8” uncover a opposite design. Again, it’s of controversial legitimacy and doesn’t demeanour like consumer confronting marking, though some-more like breeze skeleton and zero like a phone leaks we’ve seen elsewhere.

  • 2560 x 1440 pixel display
  • 5.5-inch display, could be twin sizes, maybe a 5.3-inch
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • 4 or 6GB RAM

There’s a probability that a Nokia 8 will come in opposite sizes, nonetheless a rumoured 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 fortitude arrangement will put this device in flagship contention, maybe assimilated by a 5.3-incher, that is a distance reported by Evan Blass. The existence of twin opposite sizes has been suggested a series of times though we’re still lacking clarity on what distance it will settle on.

The Nokia 8 will expected opt for something absolute underneath a hood like a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a new chipset for 2017, and that’s a gossip that’s already appeared, corroborated by 6GB of RAM. This rumour continues, and Snapdragon 835 is now customary for a course.

There’s speak of opposite RAM quantities too and there’s some proof there perhaps: when rising a Nokia 5, a association pronounced it didn’t need 3GB of RAM given of a distance (unlike a Nokia 6). The Nokia 6 has 3GB RAM, though a Nokia 6 Arte Edition has 4GB of RAM, so we can already see a trend of vacillating a RAM around devices.

Nokia’s stream Android inclination all underline Micro-USB, though many other new launches have changed to USB Type-C and there’s no word on what a Nokia 8 competence feature.

The existent Nokia Android phones also all offer microSD label slots, so we’d suppose that preference underline will be on a Nokia 8 too, maybe with twin SIM as customary too. However, a unnamed source that leaked a ostensible full specs of a new flagship, didn’t discuss a microSD label container during all, and also claimed a battery would be non-removable.

  • Dual 13-megapixel camera
  • Zeiss optics flattering certain

There’s a passing mention of a 22.6-megapixel camera early on in Nokia 8 rumours, however this rumour has given been repeated in a form of a 23-megapixel camera. That competence have usually been a Nokia fan wishlist, as a latest leaks sound a lot some-more convincing: a twin 13-megapixel camera.

HMD Global and Zeiss have reliable their partnership to move Zeiss camera record to destiny smartphones from Nokia and we think a acknowledgment of this on 6 Jul 2017 was timed to move speak of a destiny Nokia flagship behind into focus. You can review some-more about a new partnership with Zeiss here, though a Zeiss branding appears on a leaked Blass image.

There’s now no revelation what a setup of a twin cameras competence be – either it’s capturing abyss data, charity a wizz or far-reaching angle lens or whatever. There’s now a operation of options accessible on opposition inclination and during a impulse we’ve listened zero on what advancements HMD devise to move to this Nokia phone.

  • Pure Android Nougat
  • Camera improvements

One of a underlying themes of a new Nokia phones is that they all run pristine Android Nougat, with Google Assistant. Nokia was penetrating to indicate this out and Google was penetrating to contend how happy a were that Nokia was doing this. They even done a special pin badge to celebrate.

On a Nokia 6, 5 and 3, a usually change from batch Android is a tweaked camera. There’s no bloatware, no pre-installed apps or anything else. We’d pattern a Nokia 8 to be accurately a same and a new understanding with Zeiss has pronounced that program is partial of a camera knowledge that will be offered, so we’d pattern utterly a few changes there.

  • 31 Jul 2017 launch date suggested
  • Q3 2017 suggested

With Nokia rising 3 handsets already in 2017, all due for launch in Jul and August, there are few rumours around about when to pattern a flagship device launch.

Original rumours fell into line with a rest of a Snapdragon 835 rumours, suggesting June, nonetheless that’s apparently not happened. There’s also a cost of 4000 yuan for a smaller handset and 4500 yuan opposite a larger, though we’re not even certain that mixed inclination will launch.

An unnamed source told Nokia Power User that a Nokia 8 will be released in Q3 of 2017, maybe Jul or August, with an seeking cost of €749/$699, nonetheless some-more recently a Nokia 8 recover date has been pinned on 31 Jul 2017, with a cost of underneath €600.

A device from HMD Global has upheld by a FCC. There’s very small detail, though this could be a Nokia 8 removing certification, though now a recover date is really uncertain.

We’ll keep the eyes peeled for rumours and refurbish we when we know more.

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