Nokia Camera with Pro Camera mode ported to Nokia 3, Nokia 5 …

Earlier this year we schooled that HMD Global was bringing a obvious Nokia Pro Camera mode to a Nokia Camera focus for their Zeiss optics branded Android smartphones. This was first announced for the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco and has given been expelled for a Nokia 7 and the Nokia 8. The association is operative to optimize a Nokia Camera focus for their other Nokia inclination as well, though a Pro Camera mode might not arrive on their other Nokia-branded devices. If we would rather not wait, XDA Senior Member hikari_calyx has expelled a pier of a Nokia Camera app with Nokia Pro Camera mode for other Nokia-branded smartphones including a Nokia 1, Nokia 2 (2017 and 2018), Nokia 3 (2017 and 2018), Nokia 5, and Nokia 6.

The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia inclination were obvious for their good camera peculiarity so news of a Nokia Camera’s Pro Camera mode alighting on these Android inclination has been really good received. The camera is so rarely regarded that XDA Recognized Contributor linuxct did a work to pier a focus to non-Nokia smartphones. Sadly, this pier can’t be commissioned on Nokia-branded smartphones since it uses a same package name as a strange camera application, so attempting to implement it will outcome in an error. To repair this, hikari_calyx took linuxct’s pier and altered a package name so it doesn’t dispute with a strange Nokia camera application. This means a focus can be commissioned alongside a batch camera focus on all Nokia smartphones.

Instead of watchful for HMD Global to move this new camera refurbish to their other Nokia smartphones, we can now squeeze a pier directly from a Nokia 6 forum. As of right now, a focus has been tested on a Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 5, and a Nokia 6 with varying degrees of success. According to hikari_calyx, a camera app works but any problems on a Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. However, a remaining inclination have a following problems:

  • Nokia 1 (ISO, shiver timer not working)
  • Nokia 2 (2017) (ISO, Focus, and Shutter timer not working)
  • Nokia 3 (2017) (ISO and Shutter timer not working)

Download Nokia Camera with Pro Camera mode for Nokia-branded smartphones

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