Not that Apple should worry, though it looks like Google’s initial full-time …

Google appears set to be finally relocating to scold one of a pivotal differences between a association and Apple, that uses a sell footprint of hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores to pull a iGadgets into consumers’ hands and subsequently stoke a fandom among a Apple faithful.

According to a news in a Chicago Tribune, Google appears tighten to signing a franchise for roughly 14,000 block feet of space in Chicago’s Fulton Market district, on dual floors in a span of connected buildings nearby where Google already has a Midwest bureau headquarters. If it comes to fruition, it would be a initial dedicated, standalone sell mark for a Mountain View-based tech giant, that until now has used tiny spaces and pop-up practice within other stores as a earthy sell outlet.

Google, of course, isn’t commenting on a intensity Chicago store, though it would positively be a win for that partial of a city if things work out. The Tribune records Google’s offices have already helped renovate Fulton Market “from a dirty meatpacking and food indiscriminate heart to an in-demand home for restaurants, residential towers, vital offices — including McDonald’s new domicile — and hotels such as a Soho House, Ace and Nobu. National retailers such as Lululemon and Anthropologie also have changed in, though a Google flagship is expected to rouse Fulton Market’s status as a sell destination.”

Also value noting, though: Goole has come to this indicate before, where it’s seemed set to pierce brazen with skeleton for a dedicated sell participation usually for things to hiss or not unequivocally volume to much. Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo, reporting on a Chicago news, offers a sign that a association once leased space in SoHo, spent millions on renovations, and afterwards only deserted a project.

To be sure, there’s a reason Apple got into a earthy sell space, and Google would be correct to follow a lead. Surely, it doesn’t need most persuading either, given a expansiveness of a company’s product portfolio now, that covers all from Pixel phones to Google Home intelligent speakers, Google Chromecast and so most more.

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