Nvidia Shield TV gets updated YouTube app with 360 video …

Nvidia’s Shield TV is a best streaming box we can get right now, interjection to 4K support, a accumulation of approximate sound audio formats and a good execution of Android TV, and it only got a small bit better: The latest update to a YouTube app brings 360-degree video support, as good as an softened UI that should make browsing calm easier.

The new app introduces a 360-degree video underline that Nvidia and Google have both demonstrated previously, that provides viewers with a approach to suffer immersive calm though carrying to enclose a headset. You can use a Shield TV’s enclosed Nvidia controller to navigate your view, and it works with both existent and new calm formatted for 360-degree observation devices. This is a flattering cold underline to use, and formed on prior demos we consider it’ll be generally engaging for movement sports fans and people who wish to burst right into immersive unison videos.

The changes to a YouTube app also embody softened browsing user interface elements, that are designed to make it easy to find things by difficulty as good as know whose logged in comment you’re looking during with only a glance. My personal favorite changes are a tweaks to a video player, however – this refurbish ditches a big, outrageous overlays that used to problematic a video as it starts only after we strike play, or when we postponement a content, in preference of vouchsafing we indeed suffer a video itself, that is what you’re there for.

You can now also get thumbnail previews as we find behind and brazen in a video, and a autoplay underline now has a five-second check to give we a possibility to get your bearings, as good as a choice to spin off autoplay altogether.

Don’t worry if we aren’t saying this refurbish only yet, though it should arrive soon. I’m indeed astounded during how most some-more we use YouTube than we ever did formerly interjection to Shield, so I’m vehement to check these changes out in some-more depth.

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