Official TWRP is now accessible for a Essential Phone

Despite not achieving outrageous sales volume, a Essential Phone managed to haven a mark in a hearts of enthusiasts given it was initial introduced over a year ago. The phone had flaws including subsequent normal camera peculiarity when it was initial launched, though Essential managed to repair many complaints with program updates. With a cost tab that still somehow manages to go down on retailers like Amazon, a Essential Phone is still an overwhelming understanding even in 2018. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, a titanium/ceramic build, and official Android 9 Pie with day-one monthly confidence patch updates. Now we have some good news for Essential Phone owners: Official TWRP is now accessible for a device by a central website.

TWRP is a many renouned tradition liberation in a Android growth scene, so central support is always welcome. The phone already had copiousness of growth going for it given it has had unaccepted TWRP builds for a while now, though central support from a lead developer is still welcome. First, a device will be receiving TWRP updates and rags together with a rest of a upheld devices. Next, central support means you’ll be means to download a latest liberation images from a central website or a Play Store app.

If we were watchful for a central support we can download a central TWRP builds from a couple below. The Essential Phone already has several tradition AOSP-based ROMs like LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, AICP, and XenonHD, that we can take advantage of with these central builds, and of course, we also have other mods like Magisk. The phone is still kicking after one year, so we’re awaiting a lot some-more growth to come for it in a subsequent months.

Download central TWRP

Visit a central TWRP support thread on XDA

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