On Computers: Saying ‘hello’ and some-more to Google Pixel 2

There are 4.66 billion cellphones in a world. Ours cracked. Water got in and they usually don’t work as good when they’re submerged. ‘Hooda’ suspicion it? It was a third left tool in a year.

So bye-bye Google Nexus 6P and hello Google Pixel 2. All 158 apps from a aged phone eliminated over automatically as shortly as we sealed into a Google account. (Who needs 158 apps? We don’t even remember what they all do; they went in usually to exam ’em for a column.) The information in some of those apps was gone.

Unfortunately, Joy had a integrate of hours of Bob’s low voice available on a aged phone, revelation her about his adventures in Morocco as a immature man, when he helped uproot a Carthaginian seaport. All gone. Have to gimlet her all over again.

If we have an Android phone with a Marshmallow or newer handling system, some of a information in your apps, such as saved locations in your Google Maps or Waze app, will be in your Google comment in a cloud. In all Android versions, your calendar, contacts and email will be saved and automatically easy to a new phone. Look adult and demeanour grateful.

The Pixel 2 has “augmented reality,” that is one of those fads of a moment. You can supplement creatures and facilities to your photos and your screen. There’s now a Star Wars charge guard on a phone; if we want, he can greaten into many and follow we around during a hardware store. Kids like it.

Other new features: We can contend “Hey Google” to ask a question, get some song or play a game, yet touching a phone. Squeeze to get a attention. (That works with people, too.) We said, “Hey Google, what’s new?” And she told us she was celebrating Trivia Day with a fact and told us that a sea urchin was a initial animal to be cloned. Who knew?

The Pixel 2 costs $649 with 64 gigabytes of storage in a 5-inch chronicle we got, or $849 for a 6-inch “XL.” That seems a mite high, yet a monthly use check is usually $30 regulating Google’s “Project Fi” service.

Annoying Windows record on

One of a many irritating facilities Microsoft has given us is a brief lifespan of an open computer. If we step divided or postponement to review instructions for a integrate of minutes, all goes black and a cue is compulsory to get behind in. This is to strengthen we from a countless spies that are constantly traipsing by your residence and bureau building, anticipating to take a write numbers of your kin and favorite pizza restaurant. You can repair that.

In a hunt box in a reduce left of your screen, form “settings.” In a settings hunt box, form “login.” Click “sign in options.” Change “require sign-in” to “Never.” Watch out for spies.

A Spectre or a Meltdown?

The ghost of a tellurian business meltdown loomed vast a few weeks ago, when a press reported a disadvantage in Intel’s chips. Actually, Intel had already famous about this problem for several months; they usually didn’t tell us. Windows users can check to see if they’ve been attacked, regulating a giveaway module from one of a favorite companies, Ashampoo.

Go to Ashampoo.com and form “meltdown” into a hunt box. Click on a “Spectre Meltdown Checker.” When Joy did it, it pronounced her mechanism was exposed to Spectre yet not about to have a Meltdown. She clicked “What should we do?” One of a suggestions was to refurbish a graphics driver. To do that yourself, form “device manager” in a Windows hunt box, click on it when it comes up, and afterwards click on “Display Adapters.” Right-click a graphics motorist and select “automatically update.” You’d consider Windows would do this for we yet they were out to lunch. Joy’s graphics motorist did need updating, even yet it was a new computer. Bob’s computer, of course, was fine.

Another thing a Meltdown Checker suggests is to use “site isolation” in a Google Chrome browser. Search on a word “Manage site siege in Chrome” and follow a instructions. They seem tech-y yet are easy enough. If anything, a web knowledge seemed faster after carrying this out. But even after doing all this, we still got a “vulnerable” rating from a Meltdown checker. But each mechanism is exposed if a user is disposed to click on questionable links. A crony of ours got wild when she perceived a shade summary revelation her to call Microsoft immediately to repair an puncture problem. Joy grabbed her palm before she could call. Remember this: Microsoft will never ask we to call!

iPad alternatives

A reader wrote to contend he balked during profitable $329 for a new iPad or $399 for an iPad Mini 4. Joy feels a same way. She mislaid her iPad when she left it in a gym. She has no enterprise to buy a new iPad, since her $50 Amazon Fire 7 tablet, bought dual years ago, works fine. The new Fire 7s also cost $50 and are even better.

The usually thing that bugs us about a aged Fire 7 is that it’s always using out of storage space. However, it has a container for adding a memory card. You can supplement adult to 256 gigabytes, that is 248 some-more than it started with. However, we contingency have forsaken a Fire on a head, since a memory label keeps popping behind out.

The new chronicle of a lowest-cost Fire tablet, still called a Fire 7, is thinner, lighter and has a improved display. Like a comparison version, it’s 7 inches, about a distance of a iPad Mini, that creates it easy to reason in a hands, like a book. The battery goes for 8 hours, not bad compared to 10 hours for a some-more costly iPad.

Other versions of a Fire Tablet have some-more facilities and are larger, on adult to a $204 version. One thing they have in common: If we also have a $40 Amazon Fire Stick plugged into your TV, that brings in Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix and other channels, we can crop Amazon on your inscription and daub to now watch it on TV. For Fire Tablet and iPad alternatives, check out TechRadar’s article, “The Best Cheap Tablets.”


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