One UI refurbish sensitively blocks Substratum/Swift Installer on a Samsung Galaxy S8/Galaxy Note 8

Back when a initial Android P Developer Preview was initial released, there was a lot of debate among enthusiasts about a latest chronicle blocking tradition overlays (themes) from being installed. Enthusiasts hoped that this was a bug but, it was confirmed by Google to be a confidence measure. Since a code responsible for restraint tradition overlays is partial of AOSP, a Android Pie builds that OEMs have expelled should also eventually have these patches. Oddly, a One UI (Android Pie) beta and fast updates for a Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 does not have this limitation in place. For some reason, however, a beta One UI builds for a Snapdragon and Exynos Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 have this limitation in place, restraint users from installing tradition overlays from apps like Substratum or Swift Installer.

According to a developers of Swift Installer, a Exynos Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 were a initial to get these restrictions. In a central Telegram organisation for Swift, one of a developers posted a FAQ list to answer any specific questions users competence have about these new changes.

Samsung Pie One UI FAQs – (18/01/19)

Q: Which One UI inclination and firmwares can we use themes on?

A: This varies. At a time of me essay this:

• On Samsung S9, S9+ and Note 9 Stable Pie: we can now use Substratum themes and Swift Installer though root.
• On Samsung S8, S8+ and Note 8 Beta Pie: Samsung has now blocked weak conceal designation in those builds. Apparently this relates on Exynos inclination usually as of now (newer build date), while Snapdragon inclination (older build date) seem to be means to use themes, according to reports.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all this might or might not change in newer Samsung Pie builds, for any of a mentioned inclination – be it for improved or worse – and that it is underneath Samsung’s control, not ours! This is utterly apparent nonetheless so most required to indicate out.

Unfortunately, this FAQ is old-fashioned given we also beheld that a central One UI beta for a Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S8 also has these changes. The reason this is startling to us is that a progressing leaked builds of One UI for a Snapdragon Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 still authorised tradition overlays to be installed, definition Swift Installer and Substratum were still usable. To endorse this change, we took my Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S8 and attempted to implement a thesis that was already gathered and commissioned on my a Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The blunder next is a same blunder we get if we were to try to implement a thesis on a Google Pixel 3 using Android 9 Pie.

We aren’t certain because this limitation is usually inspiring a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, generally given a build dates for a Galaxy S8 One UI beta we tested predates a build date for a latest One UI build for a Galaxy Note 9 (January 21 contra Jan 31). This news unequivocally puts a check on a theming village that Samsung has had. The central Samsung thesis store unequivocally boundary what’s probable with tradition themes. Most themes will still work with Substratum given we are rooted, though many users will be reluctant to base their device.

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